Loading Animation Page 2020-10-30

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  1. sir1pacman
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    Hello, I have prepared a website with a website loading animation for your server for free. I am learning all the time and I hope you will appreciate my work. I count on each positive and negative assessment and a comment on what I did right and what I did wrong. Thank you and I wish you all a lot of fun on every mc server.

    If you like my work, you can buy a coffee for me :)

    Demo: http://site2333.web1.titanaxe.com/loadingPageMinecraft/



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Recent Reviews

  1. Simon4444
    Version: 2020-10-30
    Great work, keep it up! The animation is clean and works as intended. Let's go. It's goood.
    1. sir1pacman
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your positive feedback. I am learning all the time and every opinion is important for me