Lobby Boosts 3.1

Boosts commands and GUI for your server

  1. relampagorojo93
    Do you want commands that you can provide boosts to your users? Try my plugin.

    What's Lobby Boosts?
    Lobby Boosts is a plugin that I created in one day. I'm a new java developer and I created that plugin to practise and provide to all owners of a server. I did it with a basic proposite: Give commands that can be used in other plugins. I saw a lot of plugins of boosts, but I wanted a plugin with commands that can be customized and integrated in another plugin. I created this plugin for that type of people.

    - Menu GUI with all the boosts
    - Command to open the Menu GUI
    - Join item for the GUI
    - Commands to give jump, doublejump, walk speed and fly speed
    - Commands can be used in console

    - Command to reload the configuration
    - Command to remove effects
    - Custom messages and prefix of the plugin
    - 3 type of levels in jump, walk speed and fly speed
    - Remove of the boosts on join and on change world (only if the user doesn't have the per world permission) (All boosts are remove, including doublejump)

    - More customizations
    - More boosts
    - More ideas from my friends and the users of spigot (If they want more things)

    /walkspeed (1/2/3) <player> *Assign your walk speed or the walk speed of another user
    /flyspeed (1/2/3) <player> *Assign your fly speed or the fly speed of another user
    /jump (1/2/3) <player> *Assign your jump or the speed of another user
    /jump (Enable/Disable) <player> *Active or desactive your doublejump or the doublejump of another user
    /boosts *Get the plugin commands
    /boostsreload *Reload the plugin and the config
    /boostsremove *Remove boosts for you or for other users
    /boostsgui *Open the GUI

    Prefix: LobbyBoosts
    - ExampleWorld
    - AnotherExampleWorld
    Silent-loading: false
    Item-join: true
    Item-slot: 9
    Double-jump-power: 0 *If is 0, player will jump 1 more block on double jump. 1 = 0,5 blocks
    Too-many-arguments: Too many arguments for this command
    No-number-specified: You need to specify a number
    No-mode-specified: You need to specify Enable or Disable
    Walk-speed-changed: 'You changed your walk speed to:'
    Fly-speed-changed: 'You changed your fly speed to:'
    Jump-changed: 'You changed your jump to:'
    Doublejump-changed: 'You changed your doublejump to:'
    Doublejump-already-enabled: Doublejump already is enabled
    Doublejump-already-disabled: Doublejump already is disabled
    Boosts-removed: You removed your boosts
    Reload: Plugin was reloaded
    No-permission: You dont have permissions
    No-perm-world: You dont have permissions in this world
    Player-dont-exists: This player dont exists
    changed-to-other: 'walk speed has been changed for:'
    changed-by-other: 'someone changed your walk speed to:'
    changed-to-other: 'fly speed has been changed for:'
    changed-by-other: 'someone changed your fly speed to:'
    changed-to-other: 'jump has been changed for:'
    changed-by-other: 'someone changed your jump to:'
    changed-to-other: 'doublejump has been changed for:'
    changed-by-other: 'someone changed your doublejump to:'
    removed-to-other: boosts has been removed
    removed-by-other: someone removed your boosts
    Console-player-not-specified: You must specify a player
    Console-denied-access: You can use this command in console
    GUI-opened: The GUI was opened
    Menu: Boosts
    Walk-speed: Walk Speed
    Fly-speed: Fly Speed
    Jump: Jump
    Doublejump: Double Jump
    Menu-walk-speed-icon: '&3Walk Speed'
    Menu-fly-speed-icon: '&3Fly Speed'
    Menu-jump-icon: '&2Jump'
    Menu-doublejump-icon: '&2DoubleJump'
    Menu-remove-icon: '&4Remove your boosts'
    Walk-speed-icon: '&3Walk Speed'
    Fly-speed-icon: '&3Fly Speed'
    Jump-icon: '&2Jump'
    Double-jump-icon-enable: '&2Enable'
    Double-jump-icon-disable: '&4Disable'
    Return-icon: '&7Return to the Menu'
    Users: *Assign the users that will have doublejump (There are remove if the player join, if you assign manually, they will be on the server).
    - ExampleUser
    - AnotherExampleUser
    Recommended: On every update, remove the config, but save it to replace the options in the config to be equals as your config
    - boosts.boosts *Commands
    - boosts.speed.walk *Access to the speed command
    - boosts.speed.walk.(1/2/3) *Access to the speed levels
    - boosts.speed.walk.(1/2/3).other *Access give speed to another user
    - boosts.speed.fly *Access to the speed command
    - boosts.speed.fly.(1/2/3) *Access to the speed levels
    - boosts.speed.fly.(1/2/3).other *Access give speed to another user
    - boosts.jump.(1/2/3) *Access to the jump levels
    - boosts.jump.(1/2/3).other *Access give jump to another user
    - boosts.doublejump *Access to active or disactive doublejump
    - boosts.doublejump.other *
    - boosts.boostsreload *Access to reload the plugin
    - boosts.boostsremove *Access to remove boosts
    - boosts.worldbypass *Permission to bypass the denegaton of boosts in denied worlds
    - boosts.gui *Permission for Gui. The boosts permission of the gui are the same in command

    2015-06-19_17.23.08.png 2015-06-19_17.23.14.png 2015-06-19_17.23.16.png 2015-06-19_17.23.20.png 2015-06-17_15.06.01.png 2015-06-17_15.06.16.png

    If you want more things in this plugin, you can do suggestions and include that. Thank you for testing the plugin :)

    * HatGUI
    * RideablePlayers
    * ReferenceKeys
    * FunnyWarps
    * ReportZ
    * ??? (Learning and working)
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Recent Reviews

  1. olimpiccraft
    Version: 3.0
    Thanks but the effects dont work , the fly is just a jump some things are buged please do better bro :D
    1. relampagorojo93
      Author's Response
      But I tested all in my server and the flyspeed give more speed in flying
  2. olimpiccraft
    Version: 2.5
    Buen plugin annade effectos y sonidos y el la config los mundos en que queremos activar si no las personas tendran fly para el skywars por exemplo xD
    1. relampagorojo93
      Author's Response
      1. Es un plugin de boosts, añade aumentadores, no efectos
      2. Hay un permiso que, en caso de que perm-world este activado, necesites ese permiso con el nombre del mundo.
  3. danicastraz
    Version: 2.5
    Hey genial asombroso. Gracias por mencionarme, si puedes añade para montar a las personas y ocultar jugadores


    Nice Plugin Brother!!
    1. relampagorojo93
      Author's Response
      lo de montar jugadores y ocultarlos no podria añadirlos en este plugin. Piensa que este plugin es de boosts. El fly speed y el double jump serian boosts pero estos no. Pero mirare de añadir en My Plugins dos plugins para eso. Aunque debere mirar porque aun soy nuevo en creacion de plugins y estoy intentando aprender.
  4. JBS
    Version: 2.4
    Nice plugin, works fine!
    1. relampagorojo93
      Author's Response
      I check with my player all the things in my server. I try all the time to check that all works fine and I repair all bugs that I found, include the bugs founded for other users.
  5. danicastraz
    Version: 2.4
    muy buen plugin si puedes añade el doble salto y volar

    Excelente trabajo :D
    1. relampagorojo93
      Author's Response
      El doble salto lo tengo que mirar. He visto muchos bugs y soy un maniatico de arreglar mis bugs, quizas me romperia la cabeza XD y lo del fly, hare lo mismo que en speed, mas velocidad. Pondre al lado del speed el Flying Speed y al lado del jump intentare poner un activador y desactivador de Double Jump
  6. reisben55
    Version: 2.4
    Good plugin for hub Servers :D
    1. relampagorojo93
      Author's Response
      Thank you :) It has her defects, but I'm trying to repair them and trying to add more things. If I get more ideas for this plugin, I can do this plugin better than now.