Lobby Boosts 3.1

Boosts commands and GUI for your server

  1. Lobby Boosts 3.1

    Sorry for all this change. I stayd all the day in front the pc, but this things don't do anything to me, but I stayd, updating with the new commands of the plugin, and now I'm not relaxed and I'm doing a lot of fails.
    *Fixed: Conditions of onWorldChange
  2. Lobby Boosts 3.0

    I didn't remember to put 3.0 in the version of the plugin and the version of the resource XD
    * Some fails repaired (I'm stupid when I want)
    * Fixed: DoubleJump was using a code of another command. I forget to replace the args for the args of doublejumps (Command in console: args was 1 and 2, no enable and disable). Sorry XD
    * Changed config: Perm-world ----> Worlds (List of permitted worlds)
    + Sound in commands: Opening GUI(Chest opening), Using commands to add boosts (Chicken egg pop) and...
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  3. Lobby Boosts 2.5

    * Changed Commands: /speed ---> /walkspeed
    * Changed config
    + Command /flyspeed
    + Command /doublejump
    + Added list with players with doublejump

    Thank you danicastraz for the ideas of fly speed and doublejump
  4. Lobby Boosts 2.4

    *Fixed: Blocked interaction with Blocks. You could destroy blocks with the item.
  5. Lobby Boosts 2.3

    *Fixed: When you have the clock, other items can be used.
    Warning: The items in the same slot as the clock are going to be removed. I'm trying to saw for a condition to use for that.
  6. Lobby Boosts 2.2

    *Fixed bug: If you had the watch, all items can be used for the Menu. For the moment, if you have the watch, only the watchs can do that.
  7. Lobby Boosts 2.1

    * I forget to put the command GUI in the list of commands of the /boosts command
    * Fixed bug: Items in default inv can't be modified in her position and you can't get items.
  8. Lobby Boosts 2.0

    *Folder's name changed (You can remove the actual folder)
    *Changed power of the boosts
    + Menu GUI
    + Command to open the Menu GUI

    Warning: Don't put custom colors of & in the name of the Menus. For the moment, the plugin don't detect the name with the colors include, but the colors aren't going to change. You will have for example "&4Boosts", but its not going to do anything. But if you put & and the name haven't got '' , the color isn't going to work. You will have some problems and the...
  9. Updated to 1.1

    * Recoded Join Event to include the jump boost removal
    * Fixed a condition when the values of Perm-world and Silent-loading aren't true or false
    + Added /boostsremove command