Lobby Core (Chat, Parkour, Pets, Spawn, Warps, More!) 2.0

The best lobby script in the world, including pets, ranks and several other features!

  1. Moderocky
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    Source Code:
    Rocky's Advanced Lobby Core for Skript

    This is built against Skript
    No need to download SkQuery or Umbaska.

    Tested Skript plugin 1.11.2 version: Click here.

    Most updated version (may have bugs): Click here.
    Stable version (might be outdated): Click here.

    Many features are now moved to my ADD-ONS!


    1. To install or update Skript, download the Skript.jar and save it in your server's plugin directory.
    2. If you're installing Skript for the first time, start & stop your server once to generate the config files and some example scripts.
    3. Navigate to /plugins/Skript/skripts/ in your server files.
    4. Delete the example ones in the folder, and then upload the one you downloaded from spigot to that folder.
    5. Restart the server or use /sk reload all.

    WARNING: There may be errors when you reload the script, but these are due to a fault in the Skript plugin. My code should work fine with the provided Skript version.

    About Lobby Core
    This adds all of the basic features of a lobby to your server. It can be used as a standalone on a hub server, or it can be used on a minigames server with my supported MINIGAMES.SK script.

    It WILL cause conflicts with standard minigames plugins unless you remove the health-change in the file.

    You should disable damage in the lobby world to prevent players killing one another. This is not enabled by default as it would prevent players dying at all!

    • Pets (Horse, Cow, Sheep, Pig, Chicken)
    • Awesome parkour
    • Double jump
    • Parkour top score signs
    • Colour your sheep pet
    • Grants decoration armour on join
    • Minimises the health bar
    • Disables damage in the lobby server
    • Pick up and drop pets
    • Ride players
    • Ride ANY pets
    • Staffchat
    • Helpop
    • Teleport to /helpop location, even if sender has left the game.
    • Broadcast
    • Ranks
    • Chat
    • Warps
    • In-game customised fake plugin list
    • Spawn location on join
    • So much more! (Or the list would be too long xD)
    Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 09.43.50.png

    Support for (things not included by default):
    • Economy
    • PET commands GUI (ChestCommands or alt.)
    • GADGETS GUI (Gadgets plugin)
    • Game scores (points of some kind)
    • Minigame stats
    • Punishment
    • Mutes
    • Permissions

    All permissions are (rank name).(command name) to make it super simple!
    • member.(*/help/warp/helpop/info/pl/checkpoint/etc.)
    • vip.(*/pet/name/etc.)
    • staff.(list/chat)
    • builder.(gamemode)
    • admin.(*/check/rank/chat/broadcast/addpl/rempl/etc.)

    Terms of Use:
    1. You may use this on your server
    2. You may edit this in any way you like
    3. You may submit translations in other languages to me and I will add them here and credit you
    4. You may NOT upload it, or any edited version, anywhere else
    5. You may NOT redistribute it, or any edited version, without my permission
    6. If you want to provide an edit or help out, contact me
    7. You may NOT claim ownership or any credit for this
    8. You may NOT use this code as an example for your own work if it will be distributed to ANYBODY else
    9. You may NOT copy any part of this into your own file if it will be distributed to ANYBODY else
    10. You may NOT leave a review asking for help from me. That is what contact is for...

    Other information:
    You can donate to me if you love this by paypal to [email protected]
    When Spigot will allow me, I will create a Pro version of this with so many more features.
    I am working on some extensions like Minigames, so that you can put this on a game server. :)
    You can test this out on play.toxicskies.co (the server I code it for).

    Please leave a good review if you <3

    1. 100 Downloads: Done!
    2. 500 Downloads: Pro Version
    3. 1000 Downloads: Custom scripts for 10 random lucky winners!
    4. More? I don't know how far I will get. :D

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Recent Reviews

  1. Perkus
    Version: 2.0
    Outstanding! Truly one of a kind skript for all your lobby's needs. I'd definitely recommend using it. :)
    1. Moderocky
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much for the review! :D Message me if you need anything changed.
  2. JudasPriest-
    Version: 1.9.3
    If you can code it as .jar, I think it will reduce the lag rate.
    Besides, it's really good. :)
    1. Moderocky
      Author's Response
      I could convert it but I doubt it would make a huge difference. Thanks for the review and I will still work on it if I can. :)
  3. ANDREI923
    Version: 1.9.2
    Good Job
    1. Moderocky
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! PM me if you would like anything added or changed.
  4. QuickScythe
    Version: 1.9.2
    10 out of 10. Love it. Not much else to say, other than it's great, but it's making me use like 100 letters. :)
  5. Darth_Revan__
    Version: 1.8
    This is simply amazing. I love how this works. All your work is high quality with lots of amazing features.
    1. Moderocky
      Author's Response
      Thanks again. xD I shall keep updating I hope.