Lobby Small-Essentials 1.0

Lobby protections/usefull things, Better Messages, usefull commands, customizations, more

  1. Alex-ellhnas
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    This skript is a small skript that can sometimes help you making a lobby! This skript is in beta version, that means that i will improove this skript every few days to make it more customizable.

    Add me on discord to report a bug or suggest something: Vexor#2270

    In this skript:
    • Better void, death (enable/disable)
    • Set lobby world and spawn location
    • Better join-leave messages
    • Lobby protections in lobby world with option to enable/disable (anti fish-break-place, anti pvp, anti rain)
    • Advancel-Simple chat mode and tablist system
    • Freeze-Unfreeze
    • StaffChat
    • Command aliases (/cm, /f, /unf, /sl, /en, /dis, /sp)
    • Vanish system
    • Gamemode commands
    • /chatmode <advanced/simple> - /cm (set the chat mode)
    • /setlobby [world] - /sl (set the lobby world and spawn)
    • /sc <message> (send a message to staff)
    • /freeze <player> - /f (Freeze a player)
    • /unfreeze <player> - /unf (Unfreeze a player)
    • /senable <void/death> - /en (enable better void or death)
    • /sdisable <void/death> - /dis (disable better void or death)
    • /setsp - /sp (set the spawn location to your's)
    • /vanish - /v (make you invisible)
    • /gm <0,1,2,3> (set your gamemode)
    • /gmc (set your gamemode to creative)
    • /gms (set your gamemode to survival)
    • smess.admin (access to all commands, access to break/place, red nametag in: chat and tablist simple mode, leave-join messages, death messages)

    • smess.block.break (access to break)

    • smess.block.place (access to place)

    • smess.gm (access to all gamemodes)

    • smess.vanish (access to command /vanish)

    • Permissions plugin(luck perms, permissionsEX, ...), MundoSK, Skellett, SkQuery, Skript, Vault, skRayFall (I used those plugins)

    More updates and customizations comming soon!
    WARNING! If you find any bugs report them.