Lobby Switch 0.5.8

This plugin uses bungee to allow players to change servers with an inventory GUI.

  1. Lazertx
    Lazertx, ClubCraft Network
    Plugin Notes
    • I recommend editing the config with commands as it's a more safe way to configure the plugin and significantly easier.
    • When in doubt with the commands hit tab, I spent a while setting up a smart tab system.
    • Report any errors that you find in the discussion section and I will attempt to fix them.
    • It's quite apparent that I don't have nearly as much time as I used to for this plugin so if you ever have an issue you should try to post everything possible. When all relevant information such as the plugin version (/lobbyswitch version), plugins, config file, server version and error logs are not there, it is difficult for me to keep up with the discussion thread and continuously respond to others. Additionally information such as pictures and a video to explain how to reproduce a bug helps immensely.
    • With this being said I plan on continuing the development of this plugin, but future updates will be just as random as this one. If I have free time and feel like working on the plugin I will.
    • This is an open source project so feel free to make pull request for features you would like to see the plugin have.
    • Teleport across servers with a configurable inventory GUI.
    • In-game configuration commands.
    • Place holders.
    • /<lobbyswitch|ls> - Display a list of commands
    • /lobbyswitch <add|a> <ItemName|ItemID:MetaData> <Amount> <Slot> <Target Server> <Display Name>
    • /lobbyswitch <edit|e> <Slot> <Amount|Lore|Material|Name|Slot|Target> <New Amount|New Material:MetaData|New Name|New Slot|New Target> (When editing lore use /n for line breaks)
    • /lobbyswitch <list|l> - Display all active servers and info about the display item.
    • /lobbyswitch <open|o> <PLAYER> - Will open the selector inventory for another player.
    • /lobbyswitch <remove|r> <Slot> - Remove sever from the inventory.
    • /lobbyswitch <version|v> - Display the version of Lobby Switch you are running.
    Place Holders
    When a place holder is used it will replace the place holder with the value that the place holder is suppose to represent for example:
    /ls add <Item> <Itme Amount> <Enchanted> <Slot> <Target Server Name> <Item Name>
    /ls add STONE %player_count% true 4 castleWars Test Item Name
    The %player_count% will cause the corresponding item to have a stack size equal to the amount of players currently online.
    • %PLAYER_COUNT% - This will be replaced with the amount of players on that server.
    • %PLAYER_COUNT% can be used in any of the following fields
      • Amount
      • Lore
      • Item Name
    • %TARGET_MOTD% - This will be replaced with the servers MOTD.
    • %TARGET_MOTD% can be used in any of the following fields
      • Lore
      • Item Name
    Refer to these links when you see
    Code (Text):
    Inventory: #Don't touch
      Rows: 1 #Amount of rows in the inventory max of 6
      Name: Server Selector #Inventory name use &6 if you want to change the color remember if you use the & symbol you need to surround the string with '
    Lore_Refresh_Rate: 300 #This value is in ticks (20 ticks per second assuming you server isn't lagging)
    Selector: #Don't touch
      Add_On_Join: true #boolean Should the plugin check if the player has the selector and add it if they don't?
        Forced: false #boolean Should the plugin prevent players from moving the selector?
        Position: -1 #integer Which should should the item be put into(1-9 for hotbar) (-1 will find the next open slot in the players inventory and put it there Note: If this is not in the hot-bar and forced is enabled then they will not be able to use the compass)
      Material: COMPASS #Use ITEM_STACK
      Display_Name: '&4Server Selector' #Item name use &COLOR_CODE to change the color
    Server_Slots: #Don't touch
      '1': #Slot number
        Amount: 1 #Amount of items in the item stack
        Display_Name: '&cTest' #Item name use &COLOR_CODE to change the color
        Material: PAPER #Use ITEM_STACK
        Target_Server: Test #Target server can be found in the config.yml inside your bungee folder
        - '&7%PLAYER_COUNT% &cOnline #Item lore %PLAYER_COUNT% will be replaced with the servers player count.
    Version: DEFAULT #Don't touch EVER
    • All commands - lobbyswitch
    • Multiple server selectors.
    • Sub inventories within a selector.
    • Code clean up.
    • Support for PlaceholderAPI.
    • New command system.
    • Permissions for commands and opening the selector itself.
    • Fake enchanted items.
    • If you have anything you would like to see fixed or added to this plugin post a comment in the discussion because I will check there when I update the plugin.
    • Lazertx - Plugin developer
    • ClubCraft Network - Plugin suggestion


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  1. Willmaster04
    Version: 0.5.8
    Good plugin, I like it, but it does need 1.12 support and PlaceholderAPI integration.
  2. Lorissalerno
    Version: 0.5.8
    Update 1.12 ?
  3. ReinhardR
    Version: 0.5.8
    The Item disapear if any crate gui plugin is on the server :(

  4. UnProfessional1
    Version: 0.5.8
    Nice plugin, you could do more updates so the plugin isnt buggy. Also add permissions so i can give my players perms to open npc when they right click the npc to run the command ls open it tells them they do not have access!
  5. Managuchi
    Version: 0.5.8
    it almost perfect i think. maybe i suggest add feature auto balance multi-lobby in the plugin would be better
  6. Jule89
    Version: 0.5.8
    Nice plugin, but %player_count% doest works. :/
  7. T1MOXA
    Version: 0.5.8
    Does not work.
    Spaming errors in console.
  8. BaleineBleue
    Version: 0.5.8
    %PLAYER_COUNT% Does not work. Also, multiple inventories would be nice. I do like the plugin, but please fix the %PLAYER_COUNT%
  9. Snail_5_
    Version: 0.5.8
    Plugin is light weight and easy to use! Would highly recommend this plugin for every server-network owner!
  10. MineSideLP
    Version: 0.5.8