LobbyAPI 3.7.106b

Allows users manage worlds in a user friendly way.

  1. linuxman
    Version: 3.7.104
    I like this plugins but theres a seriously irritating issue where i configure the lobby in-game, stop and star the server then it doesnt save the changes i made properly and i have to manually configure it so it appears correctly in the game.
  2. ProSharkYT
    Version: 3.7.104
    It's a fantastic hub plugin, but I am having issues on bungee cord. I still can't understand how to install it, any help?
  3. JohnB17
    Version: 3.7.98b
    Great plugin but will Multiverse mess with LobbyAPI? Cause I heard another review saying how it duplicated their world I will try to bypass this but if you know it is incompatible please tell me
    1. zombie_striker
      Author's Response
      LobbyAPI should work with Multiverse, and the issue with duped worlds should be resolved.
  4. kikons78
    Version: 3.7.97
    Plugin is very good, but I have two questions:
    1. Is possible to NOT to write /lobby or /hub to open world choser, but click RMB to open menu?
    2. Is possible to change glass block to something else in menu?
    1. zombie_striker
      Author's Response
      1)Yeah, that was a really bad hack. In the next update, the world selector will not dispatch the command, and instead just open the menu manually.

      2)Yes. You can use /lobbyAPI setMaterial to change the material of any icon in the menu.
  5. Levi15
    Version: 3.7.79
    This is the best plugin for managing worlds I have found yet! It works perfectly.
  6. Nickoos
    Version: 3.7.72
    Does what he is supposed to do.
    Really nice work.
    Definitely using this one.
    Keep the nice work !
  7. tucaofeng
    Version: 3.7.71
    1. zombie_striker
      Author's Response
      BungeeCord support still needs some work, and I can't exactly say when full support can be added.
  8. CWTK
    Version: 3.7.60
    Awesome plugin, but I'm suprised, that it has almost no reviews.
    This plugin is more likely BungeeAPI, because it makes your spigot server look like BungeeCord.
  9. AnnaDev
    Version: 3.7.43
    Surprised how no one left a review after so many downloads on this well let me be the first one I guess I really don't have a use from this plugin but I know It's probably working cause you updated it anyway bye...