LobbyCompass [inaktiv] 1.0

LobbyCompass Style full configurable!

  1. iTzRivex
    Lobby-Compass is a plugin based on almost any minigames server, where you have a compass, which opens an inventory with warp points or commands.

    Commands and Permissions:
    To use the compass, you need the permission "lobby.use". To use the command '/lk get', which gives you a new compass, you need the permission "lobby.get".
    And the Main Admin Permission is "lobby.admin".


    How to setup compass and inventory
    Explaining all the options:

      • compass-name ~ The name of the compass as item in player's inventory
      • compass-inventory-name ~ The name of the inventory which will open
      • get-compass-on-join ~ Gives you the compass, when you join the server
      • get-compass-on-join-slot ~ Gives you the compass at a specified slot of player's inventory
      • can-drop-compass ~ You can drop this compass (true / false)
      • inventory-lines-amount ~ How many lines the inventory will have
      • options ~ A list of all clickable options in the menu. You have to update this list if you add/remove an option!
      • data ~ The specific data of all options
      • data.<optionname>.xxx ~ Explains everything by itself!
      • get-compass-worlds ~ Worlds in which you get the compass automatically
      • only-allow-command-lc_get-in-worlds ~ You can only use the command '/lk get' in the defined worlds above
      • sound-effect ~ Little sound on executing command / warp
    You can simply copy and paste options at the data section, but always remember to update the optionssection!


    Coming Soon

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