LobbyEssentialsRevamped - The essential features required for every lobby! 2.6.5

A free resource for your humble server!

  1. WulfGamesYT
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Note: The plugin has been handed over to Norska, and is being re-coded for 1.8 - 1.15.

    Always use the latest available jar file/configuration of the plugin. You will not receive support for outdated plugin/server versions. Read through the terms and conditions (found at the bottom).
    For any questions/assistance, join this discord!

    ✔️Make Custom Join, Quit & Welcome Messages
    ✔️Completely Customize The Games Menu GUI
    ✔️Protect Blocks, Item Frames, Paintings, Chests, Armour Stands & Crops
    ✔️Make Players Invincible & Stop Hunger Damage
    ✔️View Live Player Counts Of Your Servers
    ✔️Change Default Gamemode On Join
    ✔️Disable Inventory Clicking For Players
    ✔️Stop Players Dropping & Picking Up Items
    ✔️Customize Tab Menu Design (Header & Footer)
    ✔️Monitor Server Performance (TPS, Lag, Entities)
    ✔️Enable Weather Lock & Time Lock
    ✔️100% Customizable Configuration File
    ✔️Support For BungeeCord & Local Servers
    ✔️Track Total Players Joining
    ✔️Throwable Ender Pearls
    ✔️Settings Menu (Coming Soon)
    ✔️Make Launch Pads With Sounds & Particle Effects
    ✔️PlaceholderAPI Support

    Commands & Permissions:
    Code (Text):
    /gamesmenu - No permission required.
    /ler setspawn - ler.admin.setspawn
    /ler viewstats - ler.admin.viewstats
    /ler reload - ler.admin.reload
    When players join, they will receive all the necessary items to navigate around your server, and be welcomed with a fancy customizable welcome message as well as configurable join/quit messages!

    You can customize the header and footer of the tab menu to display information about your server to players, e.g. linking your website/IP.

    It isn't just a bungeecord compatible plugin, you can also use this plugin for offline support, if you have a minigames server just ran on the 1 server, you can get players warping to lobbies for each minigame just like players would be connected to servers in bungeecord!

    With the new rideable ender pearls, players can fly around your hub, this feature is completely optional and can be disabled in the configuration.

    You can monitor your server, by checking how many players are online, how many unique players have joined since download this plugin, and what your server tick speed is (lag), and see how many entities there are on the server.

    Read the wiki pages for help before contacting me:

    » Common Problems & Solutions
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Recent Reviews

  1. eleggameplayer
    Version: 2.6.5
    I can't get it to work with 1.16.4 and it seems kinda dead/unsupported.
    Feature-wise seems like a great plugin so probably great if you hub/lobby is running an older version of Minecraft
  2. herobrine0991
    Version: 2.6.5
    Can I add more than one custom player myself?
    I hope to have a separate game menu and lobby selector.
  3. elcio
    Version: 2.6.5
    I have changed it to a five star, he is a very nice guy replied to me and helped me solve what was going on. Keep up the good work. Very good plugin for those who don't like to have many different plugins. Simple and organized just the way I like it.
  4. TheGoldenMCGod
    Version: 2.6.5
    very buggy, containes lots of glitches, config buggy, do not recommend.

  5. xComplexity
    Version: 2.6.5
    Very Good! Everything is awesome, But can you please make the compass undroppable? :p
  6. thebeetboyx
    Version: 2.6.5
    Best plugin work perfect with spigot 1.8 <3 thanks !!
    and the compass is the best but can you add like /hub the plugin will be
    better !!
  7. Jammy5656
    Version: 2.6.5
    Generally a good and stable plugin, however the compass does not support variables. (Example: red beds, 355:14, you have to settle with a white bed instead)
  8. arrayofc
    Version: 2.6.5
    Awesome plugin! :) Works perfect and the configuration is really simple. Great job!
  9. xialuo905043
    Version: 2.6.5
    I want to disable this plugin in a certain world. How can I set it? I really like other features
  10. Junkdarc
    Version: 2.6.5
    perfect work... extremly easy to configure... i love it!
    i'll use it in my Citybuild Server to teleport between the Server!