LobbyEssentialsRevamped - The essential features required for every lobby! 2.6.5

A free resource for your humble server!

  1. Fixed /ler reload bug duplicating join messages etc, and fixed lots of little bugs.

    Partial configuration reset required!
    Don't worry I will be adding an auto config updater tool soon in the future where new config values are automatically added on every new update so you don't have to keep resetting your config.yml

    Fixed /ler setspawn command sometimes not saving spawn.yml file correctly
    Fixed /ler reload command duplicating join messages etc
    Optimised code and fixed some small bugs including if the tab menu values in the config, if one was empty and one was not empty, it would not update the tab menu
    Added option to toggle if an item when clicked is to close the games menu inventory, this is changable in the config.yml
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