LobbySigns 1.0

Connect to your Servers via Signs (like on many Minigames Networks)

  1. Adiber
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Source Code:
    This plugin is useful because servers can be divided into different signs and if you click on one of them, you will be teleported to the corresponding Server. (Requires a BungeeCord server)


    • /setsign <ID> - Starts the sign creation process; ID = name of the Server in the "signs.yml" file
    • /signs relaod - Reloads the "signs.yml"

    • lobbysigns.use - needed to use a sign
    • lobbysigns.setup - needed to create signs
    • lobbysigns.reload - needed to reload the config
    • lobbysigns.destroy - needed to destroy a sign


    • %motd% - The Servers MOTD
    • %online% - Online Players
    • %max% - Max Players
    • %name% - Server Name
    • %version% - Server Version
    • %address% - Server Address
    • %port% - Server Port
    • %ping% - Ping to the Server (not 100% accurate)

    Configuration Example
    Code (Text):
      address: <address>:<port>
      name: <Bungeecord Server Name>
        world: world
        x: -346.0
        y: 67.0
        z: 201.0
        line_1: '%motd%'
        line_2: '&6%address%&7:&5%port%'
        line_3: '%version%'
        line_4: '%online%/%max%'

    1. Upload the plugin to the server & reload/restart
    2. Type /setsign <name> (e.g. /setsign vanilla)
    3. Go to the config file in `plugins/LobbySigns/signs.yml`
    4. Edit the previously added sign
    5. Type /signs reload

    Questions about plugin
    • Why is the server offline when it is started?
      There are several reasons to be offline. Read these carefully:
      - First, make sure the server is connected to BungeeCord.
      - Check and compare server IP addresses in BungeeCord and LobbySigns signs.yml.
      - Verify that the server (to which you want to connect) is running.
      - Make sure you specified the correct IP in server.properties file to work.
    • Why can't I connect to the server though it's online?
      Make sure the names of the server(s) in the LobbySigns and BungeeCord configurations are the same.
    Software requirements:
    • Spigot/Paper/CraftBukkit
    • BungeeCord (to actually have several Servers)
    Need Help?
    Join my Discord and go to "Support -> mc-plugins" section: https://discord.com/invite/7uFGcAE