LobbySuperX - 1.8 (Tool for your server) 1.5


  1. New 5 options

    • New Motd server
    • option to block break and place
    • option to creaturespawm
    • new message welcome
    • new option to joincommands
  2. new functions

    • new message interface was added
    • new title when entering
  3. new config added

    • you will add dropping items, if it is true you can not drop items, if it is false if you can

    • now you can deactivate the massages, upon entering, upon leaving, welcome and the message of dropping
  4. fix bugs and add more options

    • Fixed the crasheo of the console

    • the plugin is compatible with versions 1.8 through 1.8.9

    • input and output message was placed
    • Welcome message was added
    • all messages are modifiable