LocationWarps 1.0

Simple, light weight location warps plugin

  1. Electro2560
    Location Warps

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    Feel free to check out the two part series of me coding this plugin


    NOTE: All names of warps and location warps must be one word.
    /lw create LocationWarp [Location Warp Name] [Target Warp Name] - creates a location warp
    /lw create Warp [Warp Name] - creates a warp
    /lw remove LocationWarp [Location Warp Name] - removes a location warp
    /lw remove Warp [Warp Name] - removes a warp
    /lw list LocationWarps - lists all location warps
    /lw list Warps - lists all warps
    /lw info [Location Warp Name] - lists all info about a location warp
    /lw pos1 - Sets corner one of a selection of blocks to make a location warp
    /lw pos2 - Sets corner two of a selection of blocks to make a location warp
    /lw reload - reloads plugin (reloading all location warps)
    /lw help - lists all help

    Creating a location warp

    Step One:
    Create a selection of blocks that if a player is in, they will be teleported. Stand in corner one and type /lw pos1. Then stand in corner two and type /lw pos2
    Step Two:
    Create a warp that the player will be teleported to. Stand at the location and type /lw create warp [Warp Name]
    Step Three: Create the location warp. Type /lw create locationwarp [Name of the location warp] [Name of the warp you created in step two]
    Step Four: Test it. :D

    To use the command to create, edit and remove location warps, you need the permission LocationWarps.Command

    Please let me know anything you would like added or changed. I plan on adding bungeecord support and SQL support in v1.1 soon.
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