Lock IP ⚡️ | Player Join IP Binding | Lock IPs on join | Blacklist IP addresses 1.0.0

A plugin made for competitive Factions servers to bind players on join to an ip for 24 hours

  1. goopy
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    Source Code:
    RevityDevelopment, jaymesss
    This plugin is made for Factions / Skyblock servers looking to bind players on join to an ip for 24 hours. This is a much-needed feature that most competitive servers have. This forces players to bind their account to their current IP address once they join to prevent people bypassing limits, sharing accounts, and more.

    There are also additional admin commands to blacklist IPs, manage users, and reload the configuration. Lock-IP is developed for version 1.8 but will work on any version with the correct item configuration.


    You can view all of the gameplay screenshots/videos by clicking the spoiler below.

    Inventory on join:


    Inventory on click:


    Blacklist IP address:


    On a linked blacklisted IP address:


    On the wrong IP address:


    You can view the config file formatted by clicking here.

    Spoiler below is somewhat friendly :)

    Code (Java):
      "Bar Formatter Text (used for %bar%)": "&7&m---------------------------------------------------",
      "Is Bypass Enabled": true,
      "Inventory Size": 27,
      "Inventory Name": "&cLock your IP",
      "Item Type": "WOOL",
      "Item Data": 14,
      "Item Name": "&c&l*&4&l* &c&lLOCK YOUR IP &4&l*&c&l*",
      "Item Slot": 14,
      "Border Enabled": true,
      "Border Type": "STAINED_GLASS_PANE",
      "Border Data": 15,
      "Notice Message / Lore": [
        "&c&lLock IP &cWarning",
        "&fIn order to play you need to &cbind &fyour &c&nip address&f to this account",
        "&fto ensure you do not cheat for any prizes. Your lock will end in &c24 hours&f.",
        "&aLeft click to bind your IP for the next 24 hours",
        "&fLearn more at &c&nhttps://github.com/RevityDevelopment/Lock-IP",
      "Kick Message": [
        "&cYou are not on the right ip address!",
        "&7&oThis is not the IP you are locked to, if you are",
        "&7&oon a VPN please disconnect. If your IP has changed",
        "&7&ojoin our discord at example.com/discord and ask staff",
        "&7&ofor assistance!"
      "Blacklisted Kick Message": [
        "&cYour IP address is blacklisted from syncing!",
        "&7&oThis IP address can no longe be locked to, if you are",
        "&7&oon a VPN please disconnect. If your need your IP changed",
        "&7&ojoin our discord at example.com/discord and ask staff",
        "&7&ofor assistance!"
      "Blacklisted IPs": [
      "Prefix": "&c&lLOCKIP &7» ",
      "You Are Blacklisted": "&cYour IP address is blacklisted from locking!",
      "You Are Whitelisted": "&aYou are now whitelisted to this IP address for 24 hours!",
      "No Permission": "&cNo permission.",
      "Remove IP Usage": "&fUsage: /removeip <player>",
      "Blacklist IP Usage": "&fUsage: /blacklistip <player>",
      "Player Not Found": "&cPlayer with the name %player% &ccould not be found!",
      "You Removed Whitelist": "&aYou have removed %name%'s IP whitelist!",
      "Blacklisted Address": "&aYou have blacklisted the ip address %address%!",
      "Already Blacklisted": "&cThat address is already blacklisted!",
      "Reloaded In": "&aYou reloaded all LockIP files in %time%ms!"

    Using Lock-IP is simple! Just drag and drop it in, and if you'd like to see it in action make `Is Bypass Enabled` in the config.json `false`. You might want to make this back to true later, if you'd like staff members to bypass locking their accounts with the permission `revitylockip.bypass`

    The config file (config.json) is automatically generated on startup, and can be hot-reloaded via /revitylockip!

    • revitylockip.* - Gives access to all RevityLockIP commands
    • revitylockip.removeip - Remove a player's linked IP address
    • revitylockip.blacklistip - Blacklist an IP from being linked
    • revitylockip.bypass - being examined on join for linkage
    • revitylockip.reload - Reload the whole plugin

    Do you need support or want to leave us a suggestion we'll for sure look at? Join us on Discord!