Locked Items 1.8.12

Craftable locked chests! Now with Double Locked Chests and Multi-user chests!

  1. SIndybad
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12

    Which plugin version you need to use:
    For Minecraft 1.8 servers - use LockedItems 1.7.4
    For Minecraft 1.9+ servers - use the latest version (at least 1.8.0)
    Click "Version History" to download previous versions

    This unique plugin adds craftable locked chests!
    Simply craft a locked chest and place it, only you can open it!(And people you permit)
    This plugin is the only plugin that adds craftable locked chests - a new block! No need for pesky keys or signs!

    The recipe can be changed in the config.

    Note: For PvP servers, PickLockedItems may be more for you.

    Plugin tutorial by LtJim007 [English]

    Plugin tutorial by Ajneb97 [Spanish/Español]

    • Clean, easy and secure!
    • Craftable locked chests that can only be opened by the owner of it and users with the lockeditems.lockedchest.openall permission
    • Locked chests can only be mined by the owner of it and users with the lockeditems.lockedchest.mineall permission
    • Locked chests cannot be destroyed by explosions(unless you change config). If you enabled the option, the chest will drop all it's contents
    • You cannot take items out or put items in a locked chest with hoppers
    • Give players a locked chest through a command
    • See a player's (or your own) locked chests with "/lockeditems see [player]"
    • Developer support(see "Implementing in other plugins")
    • Double Locked Chests, can be created like a normal double chest, but with locked chests instead.
    • Allow other players to open your chest with a simple permit, unpermit command

    Code (Text):
    /lockeditems - base command

    /lockeditems help - view help

    /lockeditems give [player] [amount] - give a player(or the command sender if none specified) a lockedchest

    /lockeditems see [player] - see a player's(or the command sender's if none specified) list of locked chests

    /lockeditems permit <player> - Permit the player to open the chest you are looking at

    /lockeditems unpermit <player> - Unpermit the player to open the chest you are looking at(only works if they are already permitted)

    /lockeditems viewPermitted - View a list of permitted players for the chest you are looking at

    /lockeditems checkUpdates - Checks for updates, doesn't auto-update. Can only be run from console
    • lockeditems.lockedchest.open - open your own locked chests
    • lockeditems.lockedchest.openall - open all locked chests
    • lockeditems.lockedchest.craft - craft a locked chest
    • lockeditems.lockedchest.mine - mine your own locked chests
    • lockeditems.lockedchest.mineall - mine all locked chests
    • lockeditems.lockedchest.place - place locked chests
    • lockeditems.lockedchest.bypasslimit - bypass chest limit
    • lockeditems.lockedchest.give - access to /lockeditems give
    • lockeditems.lockedchest.give.others - access to /lockeditems give [player]
    • lockeditems.lockedchest.see- access to /lockeditems see
    • lockeditems.lockedchest.see.others - access to /lockeditems see [player]
    • lockeditems.lockedchest.permit - access to permit, unpermit and viewPermitted commands
    • lockeditems.* - all plugin permissions
    • lockeditems.lockedchest.* - all locked chest permissions
    None of the permissions are true by default! You will have to configure them!

    To configure the locked chest recipe, set the shape of the recipe, e.g.
    which would be...
    ... in the config.

    Then, you have to define what the letters mean, e.g. set I to Iron (which has id 265) and set C to Chest (which has id 54).

    Which would be...
    ... in the config.

    Now, this would be the recipe:

    The option "chestLimit" defines the maximum amount of locked chests a player can own. Set to -1 to disable. Players with the permission "lockeditems.lockedchest.bypasslimit" bypass this limit

    The option "explodeChests: true/false" defines whether locked chests will be blown up by explosions

    The option "checkForUpdates: true/false" defines whether to check for updates when server starts(doesn't auto-update)

    Under plugins/LockedItems , there is a file called language.yml
    In this file, you can configure the messages of each action and name etc.
    It supports colours, e.g. &4Hi or &1Hello

    Spanish translation by Ajneb97: https://pastebin.com/9i7R1Jn7

    Czech translation by Wupin: https://pastebin.com/0AdhH1EB

    1. Place the LockedItems.jar in your plugins directory
    2. Restart server
    3. Maybe edit config(then restart again)

    This plugin saves the locked chests in plugins/LockedItems/chest.yml
    Each world name is followed by the locations and owners of each locked chest in that world.
    The location is saved as X^Y^Z (e.g. 10^70^40) followed by a colon and the owner's UUID.

    You will need to add this plugin to your build path and to your dependencies list in your plugin.yml (Google it if you don't know how).
    Then you can use it like this:
    Code (Text):
    import me.Sindybad.lockeditems.*;
    LockedChest lc = LockedItemsMain.lc;

    //The functions(intelli-sense will show you the javadoc):
    lc.save(); //Saves all the locked chests to chests.yml

    lc.getChests();//Returns the locked chests HashMap in Location, OwnerUUID. NOTE: editing will not do anything, this just returns a copy

    lc.isOwner(UUID playerUUID, Location location);//Checks if a player owns a locked chest

    lc.isLockedChest(Location location);//Checks if a block is a locked chest

    lc.isLockedChest(ItemStack item);//Checks if an ItemStack is a locked chest

    lc.setLockedChest(Location location, UUID ownerUUID);//Sets the given location to a locked chest

    lc.removeLockedChest(Location location, boolean dropChest, boolean dropItems);//Removes the locked chest(if there is one) at the location

    lc.getItemStack();//Returns the ItemStack of the locked chest

    Pick Locked Items is Locked Items, but more geared towards PvP servers. It has many features such as tiered chests, keys, lock picks, traps and more!

    This plugin uses MCStats so I can get an idea of who uses the plugin
    You can see them here
    To opt out, set opt-out in plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml to true

    • New St. Hodenstate : Ip is
    • Add yours here by telling me in the discuss!

    Note: Some parts of LockedItems may not work on offline servers

    If you encounter any bugs, post it in the discuss or PM me. Don't post bugs in the reviews section!

    If you like the plugin, please leave a review or rating!

    Donate to support the development of this plugin

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    Version: 1.8.12
    Cool plugin, but I was wondering if you could maybe create a plugin that does the same to other things, like furnaces, trapped chests, enchantingtables, doors, trapdoors,s hulkerboxes, etc
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    Version: 1.8.11
    Great plugin, really enhanced the playability on my kids' server when their friends couldn't steal their stuff anymore. Thanks a bunch!
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    Amazing Plugin! So happy that you can choose the recipe. This is so cool overall and there is nothing just like this one out there!
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  7. Toxicterror
    Version: 1.7.0
    awesome plugin and easy to handle.
    is there a way to stop the plugin from spaming every action into the chat?
    1. SIndybad
      Author's Response
      Yes, in the language.yml file, set all the messages that you don't want to ""
  8. Tobias_Knight
    Version: 1.6.8
    Pretty awesome. The only thing I would like to see is a way to limit the # of chests the players can have
    1. SIndybad
      Author's Response
      If you develop plugins, it should be pretty simple. Otherwise, I could include it in a future update
  9. kemal895
    Version: 1.5.5
    Nice Plugin Dude :)
    1. SIndybad
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
  10. Ayeelanaa
    Version: 1.4.2
    I really love this plugin and it works exactly how i want it to, thank you so much! Is there a way you could make it so people could buy the chests from say a chestshop rather than crafting them though?
    Thanks again for such a cool plugin!
    1. SIndybad
      Author's Response
      Added a command(1.5.1)