LockedAway 1.3.0

Block Commands from OPs and, people even with * permission!

  1. RyanH

    Version 1.2.1
    Author: Ryan's Development Team
    Current Partners: (None)


    Locked away is a plugin pushing towards more secure commands. Only players with certain access may use certain commands. Even if they have the * permission, or are OP.


    The Configuration is quite simple!
    When you download and install this plugin, a configuration file will be generated. Inside will be a value named owner. Where it says, Steve... Replace that with your Minecraft name. (Case Sensitive)

    Your configuration is done!

    If you want to know how commands work in game, do the command /la. This will show a screen expressing what each command does.

    /la - List Commands for Locked Away
    Commands Below are for the "operator" or "owner" only.

    /llcmd (cmd) - Lock a Command!
    /lrcmd (cmd) - Unlock a Command!
    /ladd (username) - Give a Player permission to use blocked commands.
    /ldel (username) - Revoke a Player's permission to use blocked commands.


    1. Stop Your Server.
    2. Place the .jar into your Plugins Folder.
    3. Start Your Server.
    4. Go into the Locked Away Configuration and, change the "owner" value to your Minecraft username.
    5. Use the command /rl to reload your server.
    6. Type /la and, start blocking commands, adding admins and, more!

    If you'd like you can add a co-owner in the config, since update 1.3.0!
    ex) /ladd Ryan
    ex) /llcmd op

    Ability to Block Player Commands.
    Ability to Unblock Player Commands.
    Ability to allow players to use Blocked Commands.
    Blocked all plugin-specific Commands. For example "minecraft:help".
    Ability for a Manager, hence "owner"
    Ability for a Second Manager, "hence co-owner"

    Feedback Section
    Want to post a review? WAIT!

    If you find a error of any kind, or are going to give fairly negative feedback... The Review Section is NOT the place for it. Please PM Me, first for any problems!

    You may, post ideas etc.


    Ryan's Development Team

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