Lockette Fixer 013

Updates signs from "Private" to "[Private]"

  1. Noket
    If you use lockette, and you updated your server from 1.7 to 1.8 .. you might have found that (like us) all of our locks were broken.

    Instead of looking like:

    Code (Text):
    they now look like ...

    Code (Text):
    ... So, we developed this plugin to fix that problem ..

    This plugin works by detecting player interaction and scanning a 6x6x6 area. If the object interacted with is anything protected by Lockette .. then it prevents the player interaction and fixes any broken signs. Included in the plugin is a command "/fixlocks [r]" .. which fixes all locks in a (at most) 20 block radius.

    This plugin has been tested heavily on VillageCraft and has shown (during heavy load) only a very minimal drop in ticks-per-second. This is the 13th release .. and is stable and bug-free. Should you find any errors in use, please report below and I'll take a look at it once I have some free time.

    VillageCraft Admin / Plugin Dev
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Recent Reviews

  1. CoolComixs
    Version: 013
    I am not rating for the functionality, as it didnt even work when I tried, but I am rating for the fact that the dev came on my server to sk about it, and truly cared, Thanks :P