LockettePro - UUID Support 2.9.0

High performance sign-based lock plugin, highly customizable

  1. Update for Minecraft 1.12 & Lock Expiry (Experimental)

    (Old version of LockettePro works for 1.12 as well, in case you have issues)

    Residence Users...
    This version of LockettePro requires latest version of Residence (4.5._13.2 286) or newer. If you are not able to use the latest one, stay with 2.6.4 Lockette for now.

    Bug Fix
    * Fix right clicking on locked iron doors does not open it. (1.12 only)
    * Fixed villagers opening locked doors.
    * Enderman can no longer pick up locked blocks (nobody found this issue lol)
    * Removed Metrics.

    New Feature - Lock Expiry (Experimental - Please Read Thoroughly)
    You can not set a lock expiry timer to all lock signs. By default it is turned off. It works pretty complicated at this moment, think twice before turning it on. I will put up a detailed guide on GitHub wiki page soon.

    What is it
    1. Setting an expire time to any sign. This timer is a real-world time, not an in-game time.
    2. Able to create no expire signs. (with permission lockettepro.noexpire)

    To Configure
    0. Use ProtocolLib. It is not required, but your signs will become ugly.
    1. Turn it on in config (lock-expire: true)
    2. Set an expiry time in days (lock-expire-days: 60). The unit is days. Decimal numbers are acceptable.
    3. For legacy support, which are those chests locked before lock expiry feature was introduced, set a default lock time (lock-default-create-time-unix: 1493596800). That is a unix time, converters could be found everywhere on the web. The number you see on the left was May 1st, 2017.
    The number means, that for all chest with unknown lock time, treat them with that time stamp. Setting the number to -1 will make those legacy locks never expire.
    4. The lock line ([Private] line) can change depending on whether the chest is expired. (lock-expire-string: '&3[Expired]') Color code char is '&' as usual.
    5. Players with permission 'lockettepro.noexpire' will create locks that won't expire.

    Important notes
    1. Using expiry feature will make you no longer able to downgrade to original Lockette, or any LockettePro version lower than 2.8.0 due to sign format changes.
    2. Due to the limitations, noexpire permission will allow players to "create locks that won't expire" instead of "their lock won't expire". Which means noexpire players' signs are not effective to those old signs. Admins, re-lock your chests unless 'lock-default-create-time-unix' is set to -1.
    3. How expiry lock works: Upon creation of a lock (sign), the lock line ([Private]) will read "[Private]#created:1231231230". If you have ProtocolLib, the extra data will be hidden. That is the original lock line with a unix timestamp.
    4. Changing lock expire days will affect the chests that have already been locked. This is due to locked chests stores lock creation date only.
    5. You can use number with decimals at "lock-expire-days". For instance, if you set it to 2.5, this will mean 2 days and 12 hours.
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