LockettePro - UUID Support 2.9.0

High performance sign-based lock plugin, highly customizable

  1. Residence Fix, SimpleClans & GriefPrevention

    I'm back! (from holiday)
    Please leave any feedback in the discussion board. Issues please use GitHub or discussion.

    * Make LockettePro plugin to compatible with all Residence versions.
    * Add SimpleClans support. Clan members can access chest with a line of [clantag] on the sign.
    * Add GriefPrevention support. However, GriefPrevention does not have public stable API and may break anytime. Leave a comment in the discussion if this happens.
  2. Fix Invisible Signs for Minecraft 1.12

    This build fixed invisible sign issue for LockettePro 2.8.0 + Minecraft 1.12. Fixes for MassiveCraft will come out later because this might be a little hard...

    For LockettePro 2.8.0 update and lock expiry, take a look at the update below. ↓↓↓
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  3. Update for Minecraft 1.12 & Lock Expiry (Experimental)

    (Old version of LockettePro works for 1.12 as well, in case you have issues)

    Residence Users...
    This version of LockettePro requires latest version of Residence (4.5._13.2 286) or newer. If you are not able to use the latest one, stay with 2.6.4 Lockette for now.

    Bug Fix
    * Fix right clicking on locked iron doors does not open it. (1.12 only)
    * Fixed villagers opening locked doors.
    * Enderman can no longer pick up locked blocks (nobody...
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  4. Residence Fix & Debug Command

    * If you are using Residence:
    This version of LockettePro requires latest version of Residence (4.5._13.2 286). If you are not able to use the latest one, stay with 2.6.4 Lockette for now.

    * Added a debug command feature: /lockettepro debug. This is useful when letting users reporting issues.

    * Other minor code improvements.
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  5. Finally Protection Exempt Update

    Dear fractions server owners,
    You can now disable protection for specific incidents. For instance, using the following config will no longer protect blocks due to explosion:
    Code (Text):
    - explosion
    You may also disable protection for tree growth, piston or redstone. See wiki for details. Enjoy!

    I will add additional checks for protection exemption upon request after thanksgiving. For instance,...
  6. Fix UUID on sign for 1.11 client again

    This update will fix signs showing messy uuid on 1.11 servers. Sorry that 2.6.2 did not fix this issue completely.
  7. Fix 1.11 Messy Uuid Sign

    Fixed an issue that caused signs are messy in 1.11 if uuid support is on.
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  8. Add Potential 1.11 Support

    This version of LockettePro adds potential support to Spigot 1.11.

    Q: WHAT? 1.11 is still not out yet!
    A: Yes, this version of LockettePro will correctly recognize Spigot 1.11 after it comes out. So the features will be tuned correctly according to that version.

    Q: WAIT! Did you just released 2.6.0?
    A: Well I just realized Minecraft 1.11 is right off the corner lol. Please see version 2.6.0 (which I typed the version number wrong too) to see previous changelog.
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  9. Critical Issue Fix & Another & Enhancement

    Oops, the version number should be 2.6.0, I cannot change it now :(

    * Fixed a critical issue that it is possible for a malicious client to exploit the plugin. There is currently no malicious client targeting this issue yet. Credit goes to an anonymous developer.
    * Fixed "trusted player" role of PlotSquared's plot cannot lock chests.
    * It is now impossible for players to create a sign for other player by default. This is due to any player could potentially create un-unlockable blocks...
  10. Fix timer not working

    There is a compile time issue that caused timer not working. Damn Eclipse.
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