LocketteX | Optimized, Simple, Chest Protection plugin 1.4

Protect chests with a sign, like LWC, but in a more simple/optimized fashion.

  1. TemperTantrum
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14

    • Some servers don't need a complicated Chest Protection plugin, this one provides the most commonly used features in a lightweight way, without any database or heavy checks.
    • Just place a chest/double chest and put a sign on one of its sides, with [Protect] on the 1st line (configurable), it will instantly protect the chest, making the text on the sign colorful and pretty to see, with your name in one of its lines. After that only you can access the chest, in any kind of environment.
    • This was designed with Towny and Factions environments in mind, where there already is a protection system on chests in a per-plot or per-rank fashion, so in these use-cases only a simple chest protected for private use was more than enough.

    • Any Message is translatable
    • Configurable Permissions
    • Configurable sign tag and text
    • Per-World enabled
    • (optional) Vault compatibility, adds economy as in a configurable price for the creation of a protect sign.
    • (optional) Towny & FactionsUUID (and its forks) compatibility, adds options to make the mayor/leader bypass break and/or open protection and to disable protection on unclaimed lands like Wilderness.
    • Disable protection on unclaimed lands (Towny/FactionsUUID)
    • Add /protect whitelist <player>, and /protect whitelist, to add and see players whitelisted on the chest, that can access it.
    • Add option to make whitelisted players able to access the chest only while you are online.
    • Add UUID support, because right now player names are used.
    • Make your own suggestion in the Discussion section <3


    You will find all Permissions inside config.yml
    • All permissions are configurable, you can edit them yourself to your liking, and reload the plugin in order for the changes to be applied.
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Recent Updates

  1. Better messages
  2. Hotfix - 1.4
  3. Hook Update - 1.3

Recent Reviews

  1. asd851646427
    Version: 1.4
    I can't wait for you to update the whitelist :)
    Its function is really very simple and easy to use, I am using it in the server
    Can you add the feature "Player holds the brand Shift + right button to lock the chest"?
    1. TemperTantrum
      Author's Response
      The whitelist update will be done very soon. Regarding the shift click thing can you explain it extensively in the Discussion section, because I find it really interesting and I'd like to add that to the plugin.
  2. Shadowpauler
    Version: 1.4
    Outstanding! I simply love the idea and concept for being so simplistic! Not only that, but the option for the mayor to remove the towny chest adds an ability to not have an admin come over and fix the issue. Just what I needed! 5 stars!
    1. TemperTantrum
      Author's Response
      Being a server owner myself, I can understand how it feels to use plugins bloated with useless functions. I like things simple and efficient, but with the right features.

      Thanks for the review and feel free to suggest anything in the Discussion section. <3