Locks and Lockpicking 1.7.1

adds locks, keys and lockpicks to your server!

  1. mathias0903
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    Add locks, keys and lockpicks to your server!

    Locks and Lockpicking is a lock-picking plugin, with features including locks, keys, lockpicks and much more! Locks and Lockpicking is one of the only lockpicking plugins there is up-to-date and will be a perfect addition to any server.

    Locks and Lockpicking integrates with Minecraft crafting mechanics, meaning players will never have to bother with commands or sign's.

    If you come up with a new feature idea, don't hesitate to PM me so I can implement it. and if you need help or somthing is broken use the discussion tab. not the review section.

    also english is my second language so i apolgize for any misspellings here and in the plugin.

    i would like to add that this plugin is heavily inspired by https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/lorelocks
    • 6 tiers of locks
    • traps
    • keys which can open multiple locks
    • lockpicks with a interactiv lockpicking minigame instead of boring old chance
    • can lock doors, chests and shulker boxes
    • locked doors, chests and shulker boxes can only be broken with the right key
    • a crafting.yml where you can change all the recipes
    • in-game viewer of all recipes
    • multiple language.ym included and you can easily make your own, ln which you can change most text from this plugin
    • a config.yml where you can change different options such as the chance of a lockpick breaking.
    • customizaable sounds for most actions.(be sure to check that the sounds actually exist for your version of spigot)
    • override claiming plugins such as towny and factions (untested)
    • loot boxes can either be spawned randomly or by command.
    How To use
    this is the default recipes, you can chnage these in the crafting.yml
    the key id says blank until you actually craft it where after it gets a unique id, the id looks like player uuids but they not in anyway coupled with the player who made the key. you can also make two keys have the same id simply take the one with the id you want, and drop ontop of another key now they will have the same id, this is usefull for shareing with friends
    Locks come in 6 difficulties, 1-5 change the cylinder count of the lock and the 6th difficulty makes the lock unpickable, or in other words only the person which has the key can open the lock.

    Depending on the difficulty locks have a different amount of cylinders

      • Difficulty 1 has 3 cylinders
      • Difficulty 2 has 4 cylinders
      • Difficulty 3 has 5 cylinders
      • Difficulty 4 has 6 cylinders
      • Difficulty 5 has 7 cylinders
    in case of shulker boxes and chests:
    Then place it in the first slot of the chest/shulker box(upper left slot) to lock the chest. Make sure to link a key to it by dropping a key onto the lock before locking the chest if you want to avoid picking your own chest/shulker box/door every time.
    in case of doors:
    sneak click a unlocked door will open up a menu where you can drop in the lock in the first slot, if the door is locked you can sneak click with the key to open the menu and take out/change the lock, this menu is also opend when you succesfully lockpick a door,
    the rest is like chests and shulker boxes

    If you forget to create a key from an unpickable lock ask an admin for help, they can bypass the lock and open the chest/shulker box/door for you.

    to break a locked chest/shulker box/door you must use the key linked to they lock.
    the locks id dosen´t need to be blank you can overide other peoples locks, if you want. multiple locks can have the same id, this allows for multiple keys to open multiple locks.
    when picking the wrong cylinder there is a chance for you getting kicked out and the code reseting and one for a lockpick breaking. the default chance for geting kicked out is 10% for tier I, and a increase of 5% per tier above 1 and for lockpick breaking 30 for tier 1 and a 8% increase per tier above.
    traps are placed in the slot next to the lock.
    the potion trap can be filled with any type of vanilla potion or splash potion, and will apply/throw a copy of that potion at any player who fails to lockpick youre lock.
    filling is simple, you simply drag a potion over and drop it on the potion trap, if the potion trap already have some potion in it, then it most be of same type and strength,
    you can also empty a potion trap by holding it and rightclicking with it.
    this simple yet really usefull trap, simply turns the block just beneath the locked item into a redstone block for 2 ticks. this can be used to make all kinds of traps from the floor disappering to shooting him out with slime blocks.

    Loot boxes are locked chests you can either spawn with a command or by enabling the random spawner in the config. loot boxes have 5 tiers corresponding to they difficlty of the lock. and a loot table(see config)
    permanent loot boxes is like normal lootboxes except a couple key diffrence. 1. they do not despawn when tried lockpicked 2. they have a cooldown between you can try to lockpick them(set in config) 3. they can only be set by command


    • lockpick.admin : let you use admin commands
    • lockpick.override : let you open/break locked chest/shulker box/door without the key
    • lockpick.recipe.view : let players use /lockpick recipe. players have this perm by default
    • lockpick.pick : let player pick locks. players have this perm by default
    • /lockpick : show all commands. perm: lockpick.admin
    • /lockpick lock 1-6 : gives you a lock of Difficulty 1 to 6. perm: lockpick.admin
    • /lockpick lootbox : opens the gui where you can change loot tables
    • /lockpick lootbox 1-5 true/false : spawns a lootbox of tier 1-5 either permnanet or not
    • /lockpick reload : a experimental reload command
    currently only way to get a difficlty 6 or unpickable lock is with /lockpick lock 6.
    1. Dowenload the plugin
    2. restart you server and let the plugin generate its files
    3. change options in the config to fit you servers need
      Code (Text):

      #Locks and Lockpicking by Mathias0903(minecraft: DragonsIce)
        # the language yml to use locate in LocksAndLocpicking/language
        language: en
        # chance of getting kicked out of the lockpicking gui and the sequnze reseting start/minimum. without %
        tierkickstart: 10
        # chance of getting kicked out of the lockpicking gui and the sequnze reseting per tier above 1. without %
        tierkicklevel: 5
        # chance of a lockpick breaking start/minimum. without %
        tierbreakstart: 30
        # chance of a lockpick breaking per tier above 1. without %
        tierbreaklevel: 8
        #Changing this to false will make locked chests/shulker boxes/doors unexplodable
        #in other words they dosen´t get destoryed by explosions
        explodable: true
        # what Material/item the lock/key/lockpick is. all possiable materials are list here
        # https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Material.html
        # something to note is that already crafted locks/keys/lockpick aren´t gona update(might add this later)
        # and they will stile work. if you want to edit the the recipe check crafting.yml
        LockMaterial: FLINT
        TrapMaterial: IRON_FENCE
        KeyMaterial: NAME_TAG
        LockpickMaterial: STICK
        CylinderMaterial: IRON_INGOT
        GuideMaterial: STICK
        BarMaterial: IRON_FENCE
        # before you use sounds be sure to check the sound enums of youre version
        # genrally its https://jd.bukkit.org/org/bukkit/Sound.html befor 1.9
        # and https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Sound.html after 1.9
        # if you don´t want to use sounds simply set to nothing like this
        # denybreak:
          # played when player tries to break a locked chest/shulker box/door
            sound: BLOCK_ANVIL_BREAK
            volume: 1
            pitch: 1
          # played when player opens a lootbox lockpick minigame.
            sound: BLOCK_ANVIL_LAND
            volume: 1
            pitch: 1
          # played when player opens a lock with a key
            volume: 1
            pitch: 1
          # played when player tries to lockpick a chest without lockpicks
            sound: BLOCK_DISPENSER_FAIL
            volume: 1
            pitch: 1
          # played when player tries to lockpick a chest and the a lockpick breaks
            sound: BLOCK_DISPENSER_FAIL
            volume: 1
            pitch: 1
          # played when a player links a lock to a key
            sound: BLOCK_ANVIL_USE
            volume: 1
            pitch: 1
          # played when a player click the right cylinder
            sound: ENTITY_ITEM_PICKUP
            volume: 1
            pitch: 1
          # played when a player successfully lockpicks a lock
            sound: ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP
            volume: 1
            pitch: 1
          # played when a player fails to lockpicks a lock
            sound: ENTITY_PLAYER_DEATH
            volume: 1
            pitch: 1
          # played when a player fill a potion trap with a potion
            volume: 1
            pitch: 1
          # played when a player emptys a potion trap
            volume: 1
            pitch: 1
        # here you can change diffrent things abort the lootboxes
         # how long there must go between trying to open a permanent lootbox(one set by command)
          # setting this to -1 means they can only open it once. in seconds
          delay: -1
          # minimum and maximum amount of items in a lootbox
          min: 1
          max: 10
          # the chance in % for it to stop adding items to inventory after min is reached.
          # meaning after it add min items to the inventory(this happens before its showen to player)
          # it will have a 10%(default) chance to stop adding items
          chance: 10
            # if it should randomly spawn lootboxes in the world
            enabled: false
            # list of worlds it should be enabled in
              - world:0:0
            # the radius from the coordinates specifid after the world in this case 0:0 is x: 0 z:0 in a cuboid form
            # in whice it will spawn lootboxes,
            radius: 1000
            # the delay between it spawing a lootbox, in minnuets
            time: 10
            # the chances of the loot box being tier x,
            # the total should be 100
            weak: 35
            normal: 25
            tough: 20
            strong: 15
            fine: 5
          maxcharges: 1000
          time: 3

      Code (Text):

      #Locks and Lockpicking by Mathias0903(minecraft: DragonsIce)
      #Recipes as you can see we have 3 line 1, 2, 3.
      #these correspond to the a line in the crafting table
      #so 1 is top row of crafting table, 3 is bottom
      #then we have letters each letter corresponds to a material list in its materials
      #just below, if there letter is not there it corresponds to notthing
      #i however recommend to use * for air makes it more readable.
      #as seen below. all possiable materials are list here
      # https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Material.html
      # you also have a sharpless recipe for lockpick this is just a list of Materials. MAX 9
      # if youre server is 1.10 and below you will have to change iron_nugget
      # to a material that acuttly exists in that version.
        - IRON_INGOT
        - IRON_NUGGET
        - IRON_NUGGET
        1: 'AAA'
        2: '*BB'
        3: '***'
          A: IRON_INGOT
          B: IRON_NUGGET
        1: '*B*'
        2: 'BAB'
        3: '*B*'
          A: FLINT
          B: COBBLESTONE
        1: 'CBC'
        2: 'BAB'
        3: 'CBC'
          A: FLINT
          B: IRON_INGOT
          C: COBBLESTONE
        1: 'CBC'
        2: 'BAB'
        3: 'CBC'
          A: FLINT
          B: GOLD_INGOT
          C: IRON_INGOT
        1: 'CBC'
        2: 'BAB'
        3: 'CBC'
          A: FLINT
          B: DIAMOND
          C: GOLD_INGOT
        1: 'CBC'
        2: 'BAB'
        3: 'CBC'
          A: FLINT
          B: EMERALD
          C: DIAMOND
      # the default recipe for master(the unpickable lock) is made to be impossible
      # for Normal Players. requreing both Command blocks and Bedrock.
        1: 'CBC'
        2: 'BAB'
        3: 'CBC'
          A: FLINT
          B: COMMAND
          C: BEDROCK

    4. enjoy youre new plugin
    • more traps
    • make it so you only open the lock menus when you holding a key, lockpick or empty handed
    • option to make natural generated chest be locked in a simliar fashion to lootbox but stille containg the same loot as they normally would
    • id invert option in the config that makes locks get ids and keys change to match the lock instead.
    • adding a unstealable tag admins can put on locks(or any item) whice makes it impossiable for anyone without the proper perm to move the item
    • custom nbt tags, for somethings im currently using lore for
    • autoclosing doors
    • Api for developers
    • maybe key chains.
    • more commands
    • more permmssions
    Which data is sent?
    • - Your server's randomly generated UUID
    • - The amount of players on your server
    • - The online mode of your server
    • - The bukkit version of your server
    • - The java version of your system (e.g. Java 8)
    • - The name of your OS (e.g. Windows)
    • - The version of your OS
    • - The architecture of your OS (e.g. amd64)
    • - The system cores of your OS (e.g. 8)
    • - bStats-supported plugins
    • - Plugin version of bStats-supported plugins
    All data is public. Also notice all sent data is anonymous and they do NOT link the sent information with the server (e.g. server xyz is using plugin zyx) and they also do NOT store the ip of your server.
    If you don't want that your server sends data to bStats you can disable it by setting enabled to false in the bStats config file. The config can be found in the /plugins/bStats/config.yml file.
    but i would really love it if you have it enabled, it helps me keep my motviation up and give valuable data abort its uses.
    lastly here is a link to its data

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      lastly Thanks for the review and feedback
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