Locks and Lockpicking 1.8.3

adds locks, keys and lockpicks to your server!

  1. Buf fix and new lootbox option

    • you can now set a limit on the number of lootboxes in a world
    Bug fix:
    • fixed a bug that wouldn´t let you open the minigame under certain circumstances
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  2. Multiverse Fix

    Bug fix:
    • fixed a bug relatered to multiverser-core
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  3. The Durrabilty/Custom Texture Update

    Disclaimer i haven´t made any custom texture, but this update allows you do that youreself

    You do not need to delete youre config for this update or do anything unless you want to use this new feature, if you wish to use it look below


    you can set the durrabilty of items with durrabilty, the item will be unbreakable
    and stille useable for its purpose, in other words if you set the lockMaterial
    to DIAMOND_SWORD:5 the...
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  4. The 1.13.2 update(lot of new features)

    Features added:
    • option to have natural generated chests and minecart chests be locked in a simliar fashion to lootbox but stille containg the same loot as they normally would
    • id invert option in the config that makes locks get ids and keys change to match the lock instead.
    • adding a unstealable tag admins can put on locks(or any item) whice makes it impossiable for anyone without the proper perm to move the item
    • autoclosing doors with configable time in the config
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  5. 1.13 support

    the plugin now supports 1.13 and only 1.13, and i will not add backwards compatabilty as that is not a option with spigot 1.13.
    be sure to go trough youre configs and change materials to the new names,
    for example its not IRON_FENCE anymore but IRON_BARS
  6. More sound options, ingame recipe viewer, and a perm for picking locks

    • you can now also customiza volume and pitch of sounds
    • ingamer viewer for recipes /lp recipe perm: lockpick.recipe.view (players have it by default)
    • player must have perm: lockpick.pick whice they have by default. to lockpick locks
    • loot box random spawn now takes x and z coordinate togheter with world.
    ps. you will need to delete youre config, and lanuage file. im looking for a way to around this
    also only the en language file is up to date
  7. duplicate keys and bstats

    new features:
    - you can now have multiple keys share a id, (see plugin descrption for how to do it)
    - bstats sends annouysmous data abort youre server like the plugin version, number of players currently online and such you can see this data youself here https://bstats.org/plugin/bukkit/LocksAndLockpicking
  8. Another big update

    LocksAnLockpicking FOLDER FOR THIS UPDATE
    • added new lanuage system it also includes 3 languages(english, dainsh and russian), it also allow for a lot more customzing of text.
    • added lootbox system this allows you to spawn chests with random loot(customziable in gui) that are locked, you have both permanent lootboxes whice can be opened every x seconds and non-permanent whice disapper when tryed lockpicked, can...
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  9. 1.8+ support

    there is no real reason to update the plugin if you using spigot 1.12.2:
    the plugin now supports all versions of spigot above 1.8, altough i only testet with version 1.8.8 and 1.11.2 and 1.12.2 it should stile work on the other versions too. now i don´t know how long im gona support these versions, if i need to break compatibility with older versions for new features, versions to work. i will not hesitate to do so.
    i also revamped the crafting.yml, since the way the old worked didn´t...
  10. Critcal bug fix.

    fixed a bug making players unable to break unlocked chests/shulker boxes.
    im super sorry abort this, and i will try to do my best to make sure somthing like this dosen´t happen again.
    i also fixed a bug where the lanugage file was encode in acsi, instaed of UTF-8, this should allow a lot of other charcteres to be showen including russian charcteres ;). for those of you who already have a lanuage.yml setup and want to use speical charcteres you can convert the file to UTF-8 and it will work...