LockSecurity [NOW PREMIUM] 3.0.0

Locking containers with keys so only you and your friends can have access to them!

  1. General Fixes

    * Added support for versoin 1.9.4 of Bukkit/Spigot
    * Placing a chest next to a locked chest you own (creating a double chest) now locks the block you placed
    * |-> If you are not the owner of the block, the block will not be placed (Fixes an exploit to enter peoples chests)
    * Fixed a couple of buggy messages
    * |-> /transferlock error message, "%targetPlayer%" was not being replaced
    * |-> Inverted messages for /ignorelocks
    * Fixed a NullPointerException when putting an item in a crafting inventory with a null result
    * Added a new recipe. Putting a locked key in a crafting window will now convert it to a reusable unsmithed key once again (Locked keys with no chest to unlock are no longer useless)
    * Added support for locking iron doors, (IRON_DOOR_BLOCK), and iron trapdoors (IRON_TRAPDOOR), though they are not defaults in the configuration file
    * Added private modifiers to fields that did not have them previously
    * Few code optimizations
    * Added an ItemBuilder utility class to easily construct items within the code
    * API: Added a "getKeyManager()" method to get the key manager for LockSecurity

    (I'm probably missing some other changes in this update. I honestly didn't log them while I was making them. Please, let me know if there are any issues, as I've clearly missed quite a few of them whilst I was testing this version that I had no clue about. It's important that you tell me about these issues if they are occurring on your server, and I'd be more than happy to fix them. Thank you to FlOppy95 for informing me about the bugs that were present in the past couple of versions)
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