LockSecurity [NOW PREMIUM] 3.0.0

Locking containers with keys so only you and your friends can have access to them!

  1. The Final Free Update

    LockSecurity has gone premium! Well... sort of... As of July 9th, 2020, LockSecurity will receive its final free update. Any future releases will be made under premium status which is available for purchase here. I would greatly appreciate the support as this is my first premium resource, I have worked hard to ensure this version has next to no bugs. This final release matches the initial release on the premium version of...
  2. Complete Rewrite + 1.12 Support

    Yes, I'm aware, this update is long overdue. After 1 year and 4 months since LockSecurity 1.8.2 and over 3 months since 1.12 release, LockSecurity 2.0.0 has been completed! Now... take this release with a grain of salt. There is no guarantee that this will work 100% on any server version other than 1.12.0 -> 1.12.2, and even then, expect issues. I am not certain that everything will work, but certain enough to at least release a beta version of this plugin. Please be aware that by using this...
  3. General Fixes

    * Added support for versoin 1.9.4 of Bukkit/Spigot
    * Placing a chest next to a locked chest you own (creating a double chest) now locks the block you placed
    * |-> If you are not the owner of the block, the block will not be placed (Fixes an exploit to enter peoples chests)
    * Fixed a couple of buggy messages
    * |-> /transferlock error message, "%targetPlayer%" was not being replaced
    * |-> Inverted messages for /ignorelocks
    * Fixed a NullPointerException when putting an item in a crafting...
  4. Vault-Related Bug Fixes

    * Fixed NullPointerException if Vault is installed but an economy plugin is not
    * Condensed and organized the lock interaction code a bit more to make it more readable
    * Added Anvils to the list of default lockable blocks (This can be removed in the config)
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  5. General Fixes

    * Attempt to fix occasional asynchronous task errors
    * Fixed potential lag when loading data on startup
  6. General Fixes

    * Fixed LockInspect messages being swapped when toggling modes (Confusing
    * Fixed being able to open blocks if in LockInspect mode
    * Fixed LockInspect not displaying locked block information
    * Fixed being able to pull items from locked inventories out of hoppers
  7. Database management fixes + API overhaul (Biggest update ever)

    * Completely rewritten the infrastructure of LockSecurity. Much more complex, yet much more simple at the same time
    * Removed DarkBlade's ParticleLib and instead used 1.9 methods
    * Removed old LockedBlockAccessor class and replaced it with LocalizedDataHandler class
    * Rewrote the whole LockSecurity API (Will modify the Wiki page over the course of the next couple of days to reflect the changes)
    * Completely fixed all lag/latency issues due to direct database calls. All information is now...
  8. 1.9 Support

    Not a very large changelog. I've been quite busy with AlchemicalArrows (As some of you may know.)
    * Added 1.9 support

    Please be aware that this plugin still needs a bit more work to cooperate with 1.9. Locking blocks requires keys to be in the main hand, for example
  9. Vault + LockNotify

    * Added a new notification for administrators when players lock a block
    * Added a new /locknotify command for administrators to toggle whether these messages display or not (default, enabled on login)
    * |-> These messages will display: The player who locked it, type of block, x, y, z, world, lock id, and key id (configurable in messages.yml)
    * |-> Permission required to enter / leave locknotify mode: locks.locknotify
    * Renamed a specific class to represent what it does more accurately
    * Made...
  10. SQLite Database

    * REMOVED locked.yml functionality
    * |-> There is an automatic conversion method to convert all data in your locked.yml into the database. Please watch your server console to make sure all data is successfully transfered into the database. If something goes wrong, a message will display, and tell you what to do from there. PLEASE follow the warning instructions if they are displayed
    * Removed the LockedStorageHandler class
    * Added RecipeYields configuration...