LoftMCShop 1.1.1

A automated Inventory/Chest-Shop plugin

  1. Arccex

    With this plugin you're able to create extensive Inventory/Chest-shop. The shop is full configurable (picture 4). The players can buy those items and sell them. The shop is expandable up to 9 rows and can contain over 45 items.

    Required Plugins:

    * Vault
    * Economy System like "iConomy"


    * Buy/Sell
    * "Adminshop"
    * full configurable (config.yml)
    * custom items (name, lore, material, amount, subid ...)
    * shop can be disable


    * /shop


    * - Permission to use the /shop command
    * - Permission to buy items
    *loftmcshop.sell - Permission to sell items
    *loftmcshop.* - Includes all permissions

    How to use:

    * download the plugin
    * move it in your plugins-folder
    * restart the server
    * add items in the config (/plugins/LoftMCShop/config.yml)

    Picture 1:

    Picture 2:

    Picture 3:

    Picture 4:

Recent Updates

  1. Language Correction
  2. Permissions