Log 1.6

Log all block edits without a MySQL database!

  1. SirHawkEye
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11

    Do you have griefers? I do too. Unfortunately, not every server admin (myself included at the time) has access to a MySQL database. Further, not every admin has the time to configure HawkEye and LogBlock just to get them to work properly.

    With Log, you don't have to. Log works as a "drag-and-drop" plugin, meaning it requires no database, no configuration and will always work perfectly. The only options in the config are the inspection tools, by default, a stick and a bone.

    Just check it out, Log is pretty awesome!


    Code (Text):
            description: Gives access to all moderator level Log tools
                log.stick: true
                log.bone: true
            description: Allows you to look up a placed
            default: op
            description: Allows you to look up an air block
            default: op
            description: Gives access to all administrator level Log tools
                log.admin.purge: true
                log.admin.clean: true
            description: Allows you to erase the Log database
            default: op
            description: Allows you to delete Log entries older than a certain amount of time
            default: op
            description: Sends you alerts about possible griefing
            default: op


    /log <Purge|Clean> [Time]
    Purge: Delete all data within the database
    Clean: Delete all data older than the time specified


    Log requires Java 8, and will not work with any other version. Do not post complaints if you're using an outdated version of java.

    Terms and Conditions
    • You agree not to redistribute the plugin.
    • You agree that all issues will not be posted in reviews.
    • You agree not to claim this plugin is yours.
    • You agree not to host the plugin jar or source code, nor provide access to the jar through alternative mirrors.
    • You agree that these terms are subject to change and will follow all future terms with or without notice.
    Servers Using Log

    No servers are using log to my knowledge, but please, send me a private message of your server, and I'll add it!

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