LoGinBonus 2015-01-06


  1. JosephAgha
    LoginBonus - Reward Loyal Players Version: v0.6

    This is one of my first plugins that I have built, nothing special, quite simple really, but I thought I would share this anyway. Compatible with latest recommended bukkit build. Reward the loyal players on your server, with this simple plugin.


    • Rewards players on login with a diamond.
    • Automatically goes into the players inventory
    • Permissions Supported
    • Now only activates every 24hours.
    • Now has config file.
    • Time is now configurable.
    Permission Nodes:


    To Do.

    • Add Config File to allow more configuration - Added v0.3
    • Add a timer so it can only be used every 24hours? - Added v0.2 (Thanks tips48)
    • Add iConomy Support - Maybe!