LoginMessage 1.0.3

A Simple Plugin where you can create custom MOTD's using permission nodes.

  1. Wcash
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    How to Use

    Simply Drop the plugin into your server, start/reload the server and let the config generate, then configure your custom messages!
    Once you have added your custom message using the format noted below, simply add a permission node to the player/group of your choice
    with the formatting `lm.message.<message name>`. Here is an example of the config and the associated permission nodes:

    Code (YAML):
    check-for-updates: true
     - playerMOTD
      - staffMOTD
    : false
     - "&d&lWelcome to the Server, &a%PLAYER%&d!"
     - "&5============================="
      - "&f - &6Remember to Be Respectful to All Players."
      - "&f - &6Remember to Read the &e/rules&6!"
      - "&5============================="

     - "&5============================="
      - "&f - &6Big Changes Coming Next Month!"
      - "&f - &6Make sure to consult the punishment guide, do &e/punguide&6!"
      - "&5============================="
    The associated permission nodes for each of these messages would be `lm.message.playerMOTD` and `lm.message.staffMOTD` respectively.

    A few other things to note here:
    1. The `check-for-updates` boolean is simply to let the plugin automatically check for updates.
    2. The `first-time-message` section has an enable boolean and is disabled by default.
    3. If the first time message is enabled, none of the other messages will show on first join regardless of permission nodes.
    4. The messages will run in the order that they are put in the config, so if you want one message to always run before others, it must be at the top of the list in the config.

    Custom Placeholders
    There are a few custom placeholders currently supported:
    - `%PLAYER%` - Replaces with the player's display name
    - `%ONLINE%` - Shows the amount of players online
    - `%MAXPLAYERS%` - Shows the max amount of players
    - Any placeholders from PlaceholderAPI

Recent Updates

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