LoginPremium - Chat messages are just a start! 0.9a

Customize login and logout messages with tags, display modes and groups!

  1. kwek20

    Loginpremium has been made purely to handle everything that comes with login and logout Using any way you can imagine.
    I have created this plugin because i could not find a proper plugin to handle everything at once.
    And others did just too much, so it gives more lagg.
    For screenshots, scroll down!

    Table of content
        • Commands
        • Examples
        • Permissions
        • Config tags
        • Message Modes
        • Images/screenshots
        • TODO

    • /Loginpremium or /lp - Base command of the plugin
    • /loginpremium reload or r - Reloads the config from disk, If you have made changes, but not ingame.
    • /loginpremium mute/unmute - Mutes or Unmutes you from all LoginPremium messages (goes away after restart for now!)
    • /loginpremium set or s - Base command of the set function. This will show all options

    The following options are config set options which you can use with the perviosuly named command:
    • useprivateloginmessage - Accepts true or false. Defines if the private login message will be send
    • usepublicloginmessage - Accepts true or false. Defines if the public login message will be send
    • usepubliclogoutmessage - Accepts true or false. Defines if the public logout message will be send
    • usesendmessageiflessthensetplayerson - Accepts true or false. Defines if all public login/logout messages will be send if server has less then a defined amount of players on. (typing "usesendmessage" is enough :). stupid long word
    • kickoverride - Accepts true or false. Defines if the kickoverrride will be used
    • overridekickmessage - Accepts true or false. Defines if the default kick message will removed/overwritten
    • overridemessages - Accepts true or false. Defines if the default login/logout message will removed/overwritten
    • kickmessage - Will set the kickmessage to anything you set after this
    • MessagePublicLogin - Will set the Public login message to anything you set after this.
    • MessagePrivateLogin - Will set the Private login message to anything you set after this
    • MessagePublicLogout - Will set the Public logout message to anything you set after this
    • spawn - Will set the spawn location for joining players to your current position
    • usespawn - Accepts true or false. Defines if a joining player is beeing teleported to a location
    • sendlogincap - Accepts numbers. Defines the maximum players for usesendmessageiflessthensetplayerson beeing used
    • default - Sets the config to its default values(like the first time you started with this plugin

    • /Loginpremium + anything else <b>- </b> Will show the default Info message


    "/loginpremium" - This will show you the default info message if you do not have the permissisions, will show a help message if you do
    "/lp s kickoverride true" - This will set the value of kickoverride to true, and this enable kick override for those with permission
    "/lp set default" - This will set theconfig file to its default state, and loads those values into memory
    "/lp set MessagePublicLogin &4Welcome <player> to our server!" - This will set the public login message to "Welcome [yourname] to our server!", in red
    "/lp reload" - Will reload the config from disk, discarding any changes made in memory.
    "/lp s usesendmessage true" - Will set usesendmessageiflessthensetplayerson to true. use this as a shortener :)


    Allows user access to every loginpremium command​


    Allows you to mute yourself from LoginPremium messages
    Allows you to unmute yourself from LoginPremium messages (duh)
    Sends the login message from the player to the entire server​

    Makes the player able to login when the server is full​

    Makes the player able to reload the config file with /lp reload

    Makes the player able to set stuff in the config file ingame with /lp set [xx]

    Defines if the user is allowed to see anything else then then info message. Give this to anyone you want to be able to reload or set


    Config tags:
    &[colornumber] for colors
    <name> = The name of the player.
    <nickname> = The nickname of the player.
    <xplevel> = The XP level of the player.
    <world> = The world the player spawns in.
    <ip> = The player his IP.
    <op> = IF the player is OP.
    <maxplayers> = The server's max players
    <whitelisted> = If the player is whitelisted.
    <motd> = The server's MOTD.
    <space> = Places a space here if the character before this is no space
    <viewdistance> = The server his view distance.

    Vault or permissionsEX:<
    <prefix> = the prefix of the player in its current world
    <suffix> = the suffix of the player in its current world)
    <prefixcolor> = the color of the player's prefix

    <title> = the title the player has in his faction
    <tag> = the tag from the player his faction

    <townname> = returns the real town name
    <towntag> = returns the tag of the town
    <towntitle> = return the title of the player in the town
    <nationname> = the name of the nation
    <nationtag> = the tag of the nation
    <surname> = the surname of the player
    <friendsonline> = get a list of townly friends online

    <heroclass> -> The name of the class this hero is using
    <herolevel> -> The level of this hero
    <mana> -> the amount of mana this hero has
    <mana%> -> the percentage of mana this hero has left


    Message Modes

    LoginPremium supports many ways to message your server.
    We currently support:
    • Above the action bar
    • Using the boss bar (enderdragon/wither)
    • Chat
    • Title (that big message which pops up in the middle of the screen)
    • None (Yay!)

    You can specify this in the config under user-login
    In this setion, you add a permission followed by a message mode name.

    The following names are allowed:
    • title
    • bossbar
    • chat
    • none
    • action
    If a user with that permission logs on, that message mode will be used for everyone in the server.
    For example
    loginpremium.admin: title
    loginpremium.mod: bossbar
    loginpremium.member: chat
    loginpremium.hero: none
    other: action

    When someone with loginpremium.admin logs in, the entire server gets a big splash in their face to let em know youre back!
    You can also use other as a permission. If the rest fails this will be used as a fallback.


    This is a message you could see if you have configued it like this: "<prefix><name><prefixcolor> has logged in"

    This is the default info message:

    This is a kick message you could see if you have configued it like this: "&4Server is full unfortuantely :( &f- &6Please try again later!"

    This is the message which you can see if you typ /loginpremium set, or /loginpremium set j7g3jygjygjj (random things)


    • Allow < [text here] > to be used inside a message. It currently gets removed.
    • Allow multiple lines using /n
    • Ideas?
    Git repo: https://github.com/kwek20/LoginPremium2/
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