Simple daily login rewards.

  1. Xyaafol
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Daily reward plugins that I have seen so far on the market do too much, they offer all sorts of complicated features that realistically most servers will not need nor want. By stripping down to the basic functions of the daily rewards plugin I have created a simple yet efficient and customisable version.

    No more errors and failures to load from a small update like some other daily reward type plugins, this plugin does what it is made for and no more. The simple code behind it will ensure that updates will be rapid for future versions of Minecraft as there are no hard dependencies or integrations. Full support is available at any time on my discord https://discord.gg/rBYrcYVYsP - though I doubt that you would need it.

    But what does the plugin actually let you do? The config that is generated with the plugin is able to be customised completely to fit your needs. Each day has a commands list to execute either through the console - or if you want to by the player - when the player reaches that day.


    In the config:

    - "1x Diamond"
    - "$1000"
    - "[console] give <player> diamond 1"
    - "[console] eco give <player> 1000"​

    In game:




    If you want to have the command be sent by the player then phrase the command as so: "[player] dm menu open SpendMoney"

    Players simply claim the rewards from a GUI when they log in, or type the command /loginreward. All text shown to players can be customised in order to ensure full support for any languages needed.

    Economy hook? Who needs it! Just enter the command that your economy listens to as a reward and everything will sort itself out.

    If you have any feature requests then feel free to make them in my discord or in the discussion, the plugin is meant to be minimal with the features but I will consider anything that might help the usefulness of the plugin!

Recent Reviews

  1. Cobrex
    Version: 1.0.1
    Another great plugin from this dev. Simple to setup, does what it says, works a treat - rewards players for regular logins to the server. Dev is responsive to suggestions and updates. Good job!