LoginSecurity 3.0.2

Simple, light, fast and secure user authentication management. Since 2012.

  1. v3.0.2 - Offline translations and bug fixes

    • Made translations available offline to prevent defaulting to en_us language
    • Updated console filter for login commands on 1.15+
    • Don't teleport dead players to spawn
    • Updated or added translations for es_ar, es_cl, et_ee, fr_fr, hr_hr, it_it, ko_kr, lt_ltu, ru_ru, sv_fi, vi_vn and zh_cn
    • Fixed #175 Error when login time is missing for players
    • Fixed...
  2. v3.0.1 - Missing translations and errors

    • Added missing translation for exact username matching
    • Fixed console error when player is disconnected during login
    The fan-translation are outdated, if you see english messages while using a non-english language, it is because some translations are missing. Please visit the translation wiki mentioned on the Overview page to update the translations for your language.

    Thanks to swordin for reporting these bugs.
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  3. v3.0.0 - The biggest and smallest update yet

    This is considered to be a BETA version. it has been tested but not on large servers. Therefore, a backup is automatically created upon upgrading (mysql users will have to manually create one)

    New features

    • /unregister command
    • /lac changepass command
    • Password confirmation on /register
    • Import profiles to/from mysql
    • New internal database system, using the same file format
    • Migrated from mcstats to bstats for statistics
    • Internal...
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  4. v2.1.9 - Bug fixes and 1.14 support

    • Updated and tested for 1.14
    • Fixed captcha issue on 1.8-1.11
    • Fixed /lac help formatting
    Currently working on a bigger update (2.2). In the mean time, here is a bugfix update.

    Thanks for using LoginSecurity, please let me know if you encounter bugs or have feature requests.
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  5. v2.1.8 - Reuploaded again

    This is another re-upload of version 2.1.8
    Version 2.1.9 will be out soon
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  6. v2.1.8 (reuploaded)

    I fixed the download link for version 2.1.8.
    Sorry guys =)
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  7. v2.1.8 - MC 1.13.2, Java 9+, and many fixes

    Hi guys, it's been quite a while. But since we're in the holidays and I have some time, I made an update for you!

    • Fixed Java 9+ bug when hiding inventory is enabled
    • Fixed MC 1.13 bug when captchas are enabled
    • Fixed command shortcut, which wasn't working
    • Fixed error when using rmpass command from console
    • Fixed captchas bug when player is not near world spawn
    • Fixed bug where you instantly get timed out after /logout or /lac rmpass
    • Fixed bug where in some scenarios...
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  8. v2.1.7c - Incorrect download URL

    The download URL from v2.1.7b was incorrect and pointed to a version of 2.1.6.

    I have resolved this, my apologies.
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  9. v2.1.7b - Fix download URL

    Yesterday, I relocated the LoginSecurity buildserver, this update corrects the download link to point to the correct file.

    There are no further changes in this update.
    version 2.2.0 is nearing completion, and it's a pretty major update.
  10. v2.1.7 - Hotfix for 1.12

    This release contains a hotfix for 1.12 support.
    The jar size increased quite significantly because of spigot's decision to remove one of LoginSecurity's dependencies.

    In order to achieve a small file size, a reworked version (2.2.0) is in the makings, but as for now, this update will suffice.
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