LoginSounds 1.0.2

This lightweight plugin broadcasts to all of your BungeeCord servers a sound when a player logs in!

  1. BlazingBroGamer
    This is a simple lightweight plugin to allow you to have sounds on your server when a player joins! This supports BungeeCord!

    1) Open the ZIP file
    2) Take the LoginSound.jar and put it in your bungee plugins folder
    3) Take the LoginSoundBukkit.jar and put it in your bukkit plugin folder.
    4) Restart/Reload your servers
    5) Configure your own sounds and look at it go!


    Code (Text):

    # This is the configuration section for Login Sounds by BlazingBroGamer

    # ------ [Sounds] ------
    # This is the sounds section of the configuration

    # Sounds can be anything you want that exists in minecraft such as Ghast Scream.
    # Google for more
    Sound: Item Pickup

    # Pitch is how low of high the volume is. I believe it will get lower if you put it into
    # negatives.
    Pitch: 0

    # This is the volume. Pretty self explanatory.
    Volume: 1

    # ------ [Extra] ------
    # This is the extra section of the configuration.

    # If you want the server to have login sounds without linking to bungeecord, turn this
    # on.
    BungeeSupport: false

    # If you want a join message, turn this on.
    EnableJoinMessage: true

    # If join messages are enabled, you can put them here.
    # Variables:
    # %player% - Player's name
    JoinMessage: '&a%player% has joined the server!'

    None, as of now.

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