LogMeIn 1.0

Protects Player Account!

  1. DaddyBat
    Player Accounts Security

    LogMeIn isn't a Hamachi. I use this name , to let your minecraft player login before they can use the server features. This is another version of AuthMe. It isn't same. I tried to make it different without using the code. So yea , This is the plugin. Basically , This plugin will ask you to register if you haven't registered yet. Just same like Facebook , Twitter , and other socialMedias. It'll require a log-in before you can access the server feature.

    1. Download LogMeIn.jar
    2. Put the file on your "plugins file" or ftp if you are using a host.
    3. Restart your server.
    4. Setup the config.yml
    5. Restart again , and Enjoy!

    - /logmein [Information about the plugin] : No Permission
    - /logmein setloginspawn [Set login spawn] : logmein.set.loginspawn
    - /register <password> <retrypassword> : logmein.register
    - /login <password> : logmein.login
    - /changepassword <oldpassword> <newpassword> : logmein.change.password


    register: true #[Change this to true/false]
    world: world
    x: 175.96389319499468
    y: 70.0
    z: 174.07831860817694

    - LogMeInv1.0 = Release

    Contact Me
    If there is any problem , issue , or errors with the plugin , please don't be shy to tell me. I will respond as soon as possible to get in and fix the problem.

    E-Mail : [email protected]
    [You can also message/comment below]

    Website Support for Donation and Ticket:


Recent Reviews

  1. Phoenix616
    Version: 1.0
    Does not block commands from executing or block interaction or moving if not logged in, only blocks chat.

    It also saves passwords in plain text! I would advice against using it until that is fixed!
    1. DaddyBat
      Author's Response
      It's saved with UuID , So there is hard to find player's Password with it.
  2. JosephGP
    Version: 1.0
    1. DaddyBat
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I hope this plugin will run properly. I mean no errors :D