Logs Inspector 1.3

Search for specific keyworks on your logs and detect easily corrupt staff!

  1. New features

    What's new?
    • URLs will now be shown in a different color
    • A version check will be performed after 5 seconds of each scan
    • Some URLs wouldn't open
  2. New features

    What's new:
    • Tool has now a version checker
    • Toll will now merge log files instead of showing them separately ( example: 12/01/2021-1 |12/01/2021 )
    • Tool will now ignore scan if key word filter is empty
    • Tool will now allow to open links that has been found in log files
    • Improved UI
  3. Time stamps

    • Timestamp control ( choose from when to when the tool will look for log messages )
    • Added colors depending on message level ( INFO, WARN, ERROR )
    • The tool will now remove ansii colors from output
    • The tool will now ignore logs that doesn't contain keywords
    • The logs tab is now scrollable
    • The tool has now memory ( will remember tool settings )