Long Chat 1.1

Normal chat, just longer

  1. TJM4

    Long chat is a simple, yet completely customisable, plugin that allows users to write longer messages than possible in normal Minecraft.

    This plugin is compatible with Essentials Chat and Skript.

    How to use it

    It's so simple, I've explained it in 3 steps:
    1. Do /longchat (or /lc)
    2. Type your message in chat on as many lines as you want
    3. Do /longchat (or /lc) again and your long message will be showen in chat

    • /longchat (or /lc) - Sends a long message (see how to use above)
    • /longchatinfo (or /lci) - Tells you info about the plugin


    • longchat.send - Allows you to send a long message
    • longchat.TimeBypass - Allows player to bypass cool down
    • longchat.LengthBypass - Allows player to bypass length limitations


    Code (Text):

    NoPerm: '&cInvalid permission!'
    StartChatting: '&aType whatever you want to say in one message below in multiple lines if necessary. To stop typing do &b/longchat &aagain!'
    InCooldown: '&cYou are in a cooldown'
    MessageToLong: '&cYou can not add any more to your message because it will make it to long!'

    Cooldown: 60

    MaxMessageLength: 200
    Coming soon

    Any ideas?



Recent Updates

  1. Cool down and Maximum Length

Recent Reviews

  1. SteliosD
    Version: 1.1
    Excellent, finally i can write 5 sentece long messages thanks to this plugin! ---