Long Messages v1.1

Extend the length of chat messages with a simple '&'!

  1. MeRPG
    Adds very easy to use functionality to combine multiple chat messages into one.
    • Send a message followed by (configurable) &, and the next message you send will be tacked onto the end.
    • Do it multiple times and keep adding to your message.
    • Configurable Maximum message length and extension character.
    • Permission node is configurable.
    • Works on commands from any plugin!
    • Move to a new line in your long messages by simply typing (configurable) ^.
    • Configure the maximum amount of newline characters to be honored.
    • Newline feature toggle-able in config.

    1. Chat "Hey &"
    2. Chat "you&"
    3. Chat "!"
    4. After completing #3, all of the messages execute. The output: "Hey you!"
    Newline Example:
    1. Chat "Hey^&"
    2. Chat "you&"
    3. Chat "!"
    4. After completing #3, all of the messages execute.The output:
      Code (Text):

    • /longmessages || /longmessage || /lm
      • Shows basic information about the plugin, including a short (updates with changes to config) tutorial.
    • /longmessages reload
      • Reloads the config. This command is only available to operators.

    • longmessages.use - (Configurable) Grants permission to use message extension.
    • longmessages.newline - (Configurable) Grants permission to use newlines in your extended messages.

    Here is the default configuration:
    Code (Text):

    newline-enabled: true
    extension-character: "&"
    newline-character: "^"
      extension-permission: "longmessages.use"
      newline-permission: "longmessages.newline"
    maximum-message-length: 2048
    newline-limit: 10
    • newline-enabled: true
      • Weather or not anybody (including OPs) can use newlines.
    • extension-character: "&"
      • Character you'd place at the end of the message to extend it.
    • newline-character: "^"
      • Character you'd place in a message to indicate a shift to the next line.
    • permissions:
    • extension-permission: "longmessages.use"
      • Permission node needed to extend a message.
    • newline-permission: "longmessages.newline"
      • Permission node needed to use newlines.
    • maximum-message-length: 2048
      • Maximum number of characters you can extend a message to. If this value is exceeded, the extended message is sent and the excess is trimmed.
    • newline-limit: 10
    • Maximum number of newlines honored. If exceeded, the newlines in excess are ignored and sent as plain text.

    • Newlines. Maybe triggered by the ol' \n? Done.
    • Have an idea? Let me know!


    If you need support, please contact me on this thread or by sending me a PM.

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Recent Reviews

  1. SaaY
    Version: v1.1
    Plugin is very useful and great, but causes issues with some chat plugins...
    When i use any plugin that have a secondary channel like clan, guild, faction, party, or even channels, the message is doubled, displaying the channel and the default formated chat.
  2. Heckabecca
    Version: v1.1

    Love it, works for 1.9.4 so far with no issues. Thanks for putting this together! :)
    1. MeRPG
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! It should be version-independent, so I don't expect it to break on updates. Glad you liked it as much as I did!