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Loop Core aims to add features and patch glitches on Factions servers

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    • 1.16
    LoopCore is a pack of plugins that adds extra options to a Factions Server, from customizable features to glitch patchs.

    Make your server more customizable with new ton of features!


    Add configurable cooldowns and messages to Enderpearls, Enchanted and Gold apples.
    Bypass permission: lc.cooldown.bypass

    Spawn a creeper in your location with /creeper or /cegg. Configurable cooldown and messages.
    Spawn permission: lc.creeper
    Cooldown bypass permission: lc.cooldown.bypass

    Make Blazes and Redstone waterproof. Let players farm Blazes easier!

    Disable Enderpearls teleport and water/lava flow outside world border.


    Dropped items will not get deleted by explosions. Also, explosions blow lava (aka no regen walls) and they do not deal damage to players!

    No Spawner guard
    Disable water and lava place/flow near a Spawner in a customizable radius. Useful to prevent anti raid bases.

    You can configure sponge radius! Sponges will also stop water/lava flow.

    Bottle Recycle
    After drinking a potion, the empty glass bottle gets removed from player. If an error occurs, it will show an error message.

    Sand stack

    Allow sand to be stacked above any block you wish! By default I added Normal, Trapped and Ender chests, Enchanting table and Torchs.
    Useful for raiding.

    Iron Golems
    Make Iron Golems insta die when they spawn and disables poppy drops.

    Weather clear

    Disable rain and thunds. Prevent hack clients from getting player positions via thunders.

    Hide Login/Logout
    Prevent login and logout server messages. Disable if you have a custom chat plugin.

    Patches for some bugs you may want!

    Creeper glitch
    Kills the creeper if it take suffocation/drowing damage. Prevents creeper block glitching.

    Horse glitch
    Disable horse riding with a custom message. Best way to disable this glitch.

    Enderpearl glitch
    Prevents players from block glitching with an Enderpearl.

    Schematica glitch
    Stops player from placing blocks outside world border with Schematica with a custom message.

    Block stacking bug
    Prevents falling blocks from being stacked outside world border.


    Code (Text):

    #Made by JavaLoop, 2021
    #Spigot: https://www.spigotmc.org/members/javaloop.1269467/
    #Discord: Joaquim#6727

    #Enchanted golden cooldown apple config
      enable: true
      cooldown: 120
      message: '&6God Apple in cooldown for '
      ready: '&4God Apple ready'

    #Golden apple cooldown config
      enable: true
      cooldown: 30
      message: '&6Gold Apple in cooldown for '
      ready: '&4Gold Apple ready'

    #Enderpearl cooldown config
      enable: true
      cooldown: 15
      message: '&6Enderpearl in cooldown for '
      ready: '&4Epearl ready'

    #Creeper command config
      cooldown: 120
      spawned: '&6Creeper spawned!'
      message: '&4In cooldown for '
      noperms: '&cYou don''t have permission to perform this command!'

    #Disabled glitches: Creeper spawning inside walls, horse glitches (god, ghost throught blocks), enderpearl glitch,
    #block stacking outside world border and block place outside world border
        enable: true
        enable: true
        message: '&cYou cannot ride horses!'
        enable: true
        enable: true
        enable: true
        message: '&cYou cannot place blocks outside WorldBorder!'

    #Make blaze and redstone waterproof
      blaze: true
      redstone: true

    #Disable water/lava flow and endepearl throw outside worldborder
      antiwater: true
      antipearl: true

    #Make Iron Golems die when they spawn
    irongolem-kill: true

    #Disable Iron Golems dropping poppies
    irongolem-no-poppy: true

    #Anti water/lava on Spawners radius
      enable: true
      radius: 1

    #Prevent dropped items getting deleted from explosions
    item-explosion: true

    #Disable damage/knockback from explosions to players
    anti-explosion-damage: true

    #Make lava blowable aka cancel regen walls
      enable: true
      radius: 3

    #Sponges remove lava/water and cancels their flow. Vanilla radius is 3
      enable: true
      radius: 3

    #Fix sand so it can be stacked above X items it normally can't
      enable: true
        - 'CHEST'
        - 'TRAPPED_CHEST'
        - 'ENDER_CHEST'
        - 'TORCH'

    #After drinking (consume) a potion, clears the empty glass bottle
      enable: true
      message: '&eYour bottle has been recycled!'
      error-message: '&cYour bottle could not be recycled!'

    #Make weather always clear (no rain no thunder)
    weather-clear: true

    #Hide player Log-in / Log-out messages
    hide-login: true
    hide-logout: true

    Disable mining spawners if an enemy is near.
    Disable TNT explosion if it spawns and explodes in the same faction land.

    Disable redstone clocks.
    Disable piston spam.

    1.8-1.16 support.


    • LoopCore is still under development. Before going public, please ensure everything works correctly.
    • Any error please leave a review or send a Discord message to Joaquim#6727 for a patch.
    • Plugin is coded in Java runtime 11. If your host has not updated yet, contact me for a Java runtime 8 plugin.
    • I suggest using LoopCore with Paper Spigot and an Anticheat plugin.
    • If you have any suggestion about what more could LoopCore need, let me know!


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