Loot Chests 1.93

Adds Loot Chests around your map!

  1. Hotfix for known ThreadState error

    Fixed the ThreadState error caused when attempting to keep server alive... This should be fixed and accounted for... The error is now replaced with a catch message notifying operators that the issue was caught and things should still operate normally.

    That being said this is a temporary fix until a more comprehensive algorithm can be written to fix the current flaws
  2. Upated NMS to version 1.11 R2

    Just an NMS update so it is compatible with latest Spigot builds, no new changes... Still working on V2
  3. Protection under GNU GPLv3

    Added GNU GPLv3 License to code
  4. Fixed Trigger Not Firing

    Fixed an error in the Generator that failed to run the program
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  5. 1.8 Patch

    Config now being generated
    Info messages now using color
    Fixes "Out Of Bounds Exception"(s)
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  6. Generator Model

    Updated Chest Generator
    Renamed plugin in plugin.yml to fix deprecation
    Removed unnecessary config file entries
    Cleaned source
    Fixed crashes caused by config
    Fixed crashes caused by loss of response
    Fixed crashes cause by chunk errors
    Added item data support

    Known caveats:

    Radius over 10,000 causes problems, I plan on fixing this soon

    Future features:
    More customization (item lists, refillable chests)
    Chest finder (Compass that points to...
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  7. 1.9.2 Links

    Compatible with latest build 1.9.2 (#784)
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  8. Updated dependencies

    Changed to Spigot version 1.8.8
  9. Location Fix

    Location dictated by world spawn instead of 0, 0, 0.