Loot drop 2021-02-24

Allow crates to fall from the sky at regular intervals.

  1. McZdx
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Loot drops is a plugin that allows the user to spawn crates at regular intervals on a specific block.

    How to set the spawn region.
    The config allows you to specify the parameters of where the plugin should look for the specific block where crates will spawn.
    How many blocks need to be checked.
    • Raduis: 80
    • Height: 3
    • Sphere: false
    • Hollow: false
    • TargetBlock:
    • Data: 14
    • Drops: 5
    Once these perameters have been set, you can do /lootdrop setspawn
    which will start the mapping and save the blocks where crates can fall.

    The plugin is highly customizable with most features such as amount of crates, items, chance etc.