Lootable Corpses 1.0

Cool lootable corpses for your server

  1. TeeePeee
    Lootable Corpses is a reimagination of the way death works in Minecraft.


    Upon death, players will be immediately converted into a corpse, their respawn screen still showing. This corpse will have their exact skin and armor contents... It will even house their inventory!

    This super lightweight plugin is designed in order to provide a new, cool mechanic for your players. When death occurs, instead of the conventional explosion of items, you'll instead be granted a nice, clean dead body.


    Clicking on a player's corpse will open their inventory.

    When you right click on a corpse, you open their inventory. This inventory automatically scales, depending on the number of items the player was carrying at time of death.

    The first five slots are reserved for gear. The first item in the inventory will be the item that the corpse is holding. The next four, the armor contents.

    I won't sit here and tell you that the features of Lootable Corpses are endless, because really, it's quite simple:

    1. Dress up your friends' dead bodies
    2. Dress down your friends' dead bodies
    3. Have the added satisfaction of removing your victims armor right from their back.
    4. Make your server stand out and be different!


    Configuring Lootable Corpses is as easy as dragging and dropping. For a little added customizability, you can change how long a corpse stays in the world before despawning naturally.

    But Lootable Corpses also comes with a few permissions.

    • Corpses.loot: Gives the player the ability to loot corpses.
    • Corpses.become: Gives the player the ability to become a corpse.


    While lightweight, Lootable Corpses is not compatible with every version of Minecraft. It supports only 1.8.1+, including protocol hacks.

    If you like Lootable Corpses and want to see it in (more) action, check out my other project, MyZ in which it is a sub-feature.

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Recent Reviews

  1. BuzzyOG
    Version: 1.0
    Add support for 1.7 with NCP need help contact me :)
  2. jeannen
    Version: 1.0
    The basic idea is good, but when someone respawn the corpse is removed, and the only way to open the GUI is the head...
    I advise to don't buy until this is fixed

    (PS: Sorry for the bad english, i'm french)
    1. TeeePeee
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. The GUI issue unfortunately is a Minecraft limitation. However, the respawn limitation will likely be lifted in the near future.
  3. YamiYugi047
    Version: 1.0
    Good idea but the plugin has bugs here they are:

    - If the player clicks on respawn in the screen of death it removes the corpse
    - The body moves if we push him
    - Have can open the GUI only by clicking the head
    - The permissions do not work

    Patch these bugs please :/
    Or if it come from me help me on Skype
    1. TeeePeee
      Author's Response
      Most of these aren't bugs. The head limitation is Minecraft-side, the push ability is by design, the respawn removal is necessary.

      However, the permissions is a legitimate bug. I'll fix that.