LootChest 2.2.3

Respawnable chests with particles, menu, hologram.

  1. Fixed compatibility with 1.8-1.? : woldborder check was not compatible with some old versions

    everything is in the title.
    the function "WorldBorder.isInside(Location loc) doesn't exist in older versions, so I took a function on spigot forums that does the same thing.
  2. Repaired /lc locate, added worldborder check option

    - Repaired /lc locate command, broken due to a bad variable name, something stupid. Coloured chest names in this command.

    - Added an option in config to force chests to spawn inside worldborder. The chest tries 50 random positions in its configured radius, and if all the 50 random positions are outside the border, it sends a message to logs.
    Option: WorldBorder_Check_For_Spawn
    True by default.
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  3. very minor fixes

    Fixed take-message showing only one time per chest and per reload/restart
    Fixed /lc randomspawn doing shit with negative values
    Chests will now break naturally when "remove chest after first opening" is true, so that items will drop on the ground of a player closes the inventory too quickly
    Cleaned code to respect conventions, stopped doing shit with extended classes
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  4. Fixed changing chest direction with /lc setpos

    lc setpos didn't change the direction of the chest correctly, it was pretty random.
    Now it does.
  5. bug fixed, compatibility with factionsX

    Compatibility added with factionsX
    You can now create LootChests again, sorry for that really big bug from just one line of code
  6. Barrels and trapped chests, some fixes and little changes

    - Lootchests can now be barrels or trapped chests! There's a menu in /lc edit to change their type, but you should be able to create lootchests from barrels or trapped chests directly.
    I didn't manage to change barrels direction yet

    - Worldguard compatibility fixed for 1.16
    - Fixed some versions compatibility with randomspawn
    - Fixed chests using player locations spawning near a player even if the player wasn't in the chest's world (maybe some people thought it was a feature, but it's not...
  7. REALLY fixed config reload, fixed two other things

    Fixed an error in 1.8 that would appear without preventing anything to work, but this error would spam the console if many chests were configured
    Fixed random locations chests using players locations
    Fixed reloading config with "/lc reload" which was not reloading anything
    Fixed update checker not being up to date (Now using spigot update api instead of spiget api, and updater is now running on separated thread to not slow server start)
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  8. Fixed particles in 1.12

    Particles weren't working at all on 1.12, spamming console.
    I was trying to use inventiveTalent particle api wich was working only until 1.11.
  9. Last update was trash, fixed holo timer, fixed spawn message

    - Fixed spawn messages spamming console with errors and not sending at all
    - Fixed chest loading a bit more, preventing console warnings
    - Fixed timers on holograms, it wasn't working since I-Don't-Know
    - Added a config option to protect chests from creepy creepers (and tnt)
    - If chest is looted but not broken and timer on holograms is activated, then holo will not disappear
    - Fixed config update with /lc reload, it didn't work with last update (didn't tested it but it should work now)
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  10. Time menu fixed, and maybe better perfs

    - At each plugin stop, (on server reload or stop) a backup of all chests is made, preventing data loses (FINALLY)

    - If you delete your data file or if it is empty, the plugin will try to load an old backup

    - Someone reported me that time menu did shit, and yes, when initializing, time menu wasn't putting the good number of days, minutes and hours, but if you used it and edited the time, it did work correctly. Only the initialisation was shit (big shit^^)

    - I put the config options to...
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