Lore Tools [Skript] 1.5

Set a custom lore to your items or blocks!

  1. alexsatellite
    • LoreTools is a skript plugin witch allow you to set a lore of a item or block in the line that you want.
    • This skript will always be free.
    • Version: minecraft 1.8 (not tested in 1.7)
    ✲ Set a custom lore in a item/block
    ✲ Remove the lore of a item/block
    ✲This skript is very lightweight!
    ✲Set a custom name in a item/block

    ✲You can black-list words for the command /name

    ✲ /lore set <line> <lore>
    ✲ /lore remove <line>

    ✲ /lore help
    ✲/setname <name>
    Note: You can add colors with & ---> &4Lore&dTools



    ✲Skript 2.2

    ✲ You can modify everything easily!





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Recent Reviews

  1. Wafoux
    Version: 1.5
    NIce skript, and you are keeping your plugin up to date !
    Nothing to say anymore: just perfect plugin, which is really easy to manage & configure.
    Continue in this way !
  2. HyperSn0w
    Version: 1.5
    Thank you this is a amazing skript ;) I am using it for my faction server and it gives it a nice touch, thank you alex.