LotDub [Lottery] [Commands and Permissions Support] 1.3.2

A lot plugin that give a new use to emeralds

  1. adri1711
    What is LotDub? LotDub is a plugin that make a lot with emeralds so it just give a new use for that material. I made this for my prision server and now I want to share it with you. I know it is very simple done, but it can grow up to a big plugin with your comments on the discussions.
    Working on spigot 1.8.X.
    Code (Text):

    numberemeralds: 64
    needemeraldsmsg: '&cNecesitas %numberemeralds% esmeraldas para hacer un sorteo'
    waitmsg: '&cEspera a que acabe este sorteo'
    - '&2Has ganado &91 stack de mena de oro'
    - '&2Has ganado &930000$'
    - '&2Has ganado &91 Hilo'
    - give %player% iron_ore 64
    - eco give %player% 30000
    - give %player% string 1
    - 20
    - 20
    - 60
    ================SERVERS USING IT================
    /lotget ; give you the amount of emerald that you need to use the lot.
    /lotreload ; just reload the plugin to get the new config.
    Much more on next updates...
    lot.get ; permission needed to do lotget command.
    lot.reload ; permission needed to do lotreload command.
    Much more on next updates...
    ===================HOW TO USE===================
    -Put it on the plugins folder
    -Start the server
    -Put a Ender portal frame on the floor and right click it with emeralds and good luck!
    ==============FUTURE FEATURES TO DO==============
    -Make it totally configurable. [ DONE ]
    -Add a reload command. [ DONE ]
    (Suggest me on the discussion for more features.)



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Recent Updates

  1. v1.3.2
  2. Optimizing code
  3. Now it does not need another plugin to run

Recent Reviews

  1. I18LConfig
    Version: 1.3.1
    Hola, puse el plugin en mi servidor y edite los premios y eso. Pero a la hora de reiniciar y recargar el plugin, no se ponen los premios que implementé.

    Aquí te dejo la imagen de los premios que yo puse, podrías decirme si están bien o hay algún error? Gracias de antemano!
    1. adri1711
      Author's Response
      ¿Tienes 13 mensajes pero solo 12 comandos? Dejame los detalles de la config por PM y te lo resuelvo por ahí :D
  2. Nazer
    Version: 1.1
    Perfect for my server survival. Then I'll contact you in private message some ideas.
  3. C_SD
    Version: 1.1
    Working perfectly on my server, continue the great work!