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    Lottery Lite
    This plugin add Money lottery in your server and players can win a defined Money Rewards ! Values of prizes are configurable. This is Lite plugin and provides only Money support.

    So that the plugin can work you need to install this plugins.
    * Java 1.7 Java 1.6
    * Vault
    * Essentials
    * TitleAPI

    Buy a Ticket to join small or big lottery (Depends on how much players are in server)
    * Configurable number of players when small lottery runs.
    * Configurable number of players when big lottery runs.
    * Win money (Money prizes configurable in config)
    * Lottery times are configurable (Every hour 3600sec or your number)
    * Last big / small lottery winers listed in /lottery command
    * Title message appears when lottery ends after 10 minutes
    * Title winner message appears

    /lottery - Show lottery full information (When it will start , who won previous lotterys)
    /flot - Force lottery start (Will start after 10 minutes)
    Permission: lottery.admin
    /tbuy - Buy a ticket.


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