Lottery (Unofficial Update) 1.1.1

An updated fork of Lottery by Erbros and KHobbits

  1. kukelekuuk00
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Erbros, KHobbits
    Note: This is a fork of Lottery by Erbros and KHobbits.
    There are some changes:

    • Most notably: everything has been converted to UUIDs.
    • 2 new Events
      • LotteryBuyTicketEvent
      • LotteryDrawEvent
    • Dropped direct support for Economy plugins. Everything now uses Vault. Thus if you want economy functionality you require Vault.
    • Removed the rollOver/fixed-tickets in favour of performance improvements. (Should fix any crashes/lag related to buying large amounts of tickets)


    Q: How do I set the amount of money the jackpot should start with?

    A: You need to set extraInPot to whatever amount you want it to start with, and then do clearExtraInPot: false

    • Users can buy one or more tickets and have the chance to win money in the pot (total tickets bought * price * net payout variable / 100 )
    • Configurable price, material (including money/coins), hours between lottery drawings and other configurations.
    • Supports Vault.
    • Permission nodes using superPerms
    • Custom welcome message
    These are the superPerm nodes you can use to tweak the default permissions.

    • : Gives you all the basic rights /lottery (buy, help, winners).
      • Given to all players by default, so you need to remove from the users/groups you don't want to have.
    • lottery.admin.draw : Gives the group/user access to the /lottery draw command.
      • Given to OP's by default.
    • lottery.admin.addtopot : Gives the group/user access to the /lottery addtopot command
      • Given to OP's by default.
    • lottery.admin.editconfig : Grant access to edit/reload the lottery config ingame
      • Given to OP's by default.
    • /lottery : Basic information
    • /lottery buy <number> : Buy one or <number> of tickets.
    • /lottery help : Help pages
    • /lottery winners : List over 10 last winners
    • /lottery draw : Force the drawing to happen. Op only if not permission plugin.
    • /lottery addtopot : Adds extra money/items to the pot. Op only if not permission plugin.
    • /lottery config <cost/hours/max/maxTicketsEachUser/reload> : Change/reload the config ingame.
    In the configuration that is made when the plugin is run the first time, you don't get comments about the different options. Here you do!

    Click here to check out the explanation to the configuration

    PS: The /lottery claim command is used when you are using material and you win, since blocks/items can only be given to online players

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Recent Updates

  1. bugfix
  2. Update to 1.9
  3. Removed some unnecessary messages from console.

Recent Reviews

  1. iArex_
    Version: 1.1.1
    Love this so much. Thank you so much for making this compatible with 1.12.2 this saved my server.
  2. Scarpa18
    Version: 1.1.1
    I like very much this plugin, If you could improve it it would be wonderful.
    I recomend it for all!
  3. sitballr
    Version: 1.1.1
    Love it so far! using it for an event, mind adding something that gives a donator that has the permission node cheaper tickets.
  4. pepsiisgross
    Version: 1.1.1
    Thank you for forking this! Works perfectly, no errors in console like the Bukkit version. Extra characters so I can submit this.
  5. Philippoius
    Version: 1.1.1
    Can you add Bungeecord-Support? I already searched a solution to run lottery on my network, so it would be VERY nice! :)
    1. kukelekuuk00
      Author's Response
      To make it work with bungeecord will cause plenty of issues. For the sake of simplicity I won't add bungeecord support. I only intended to keep this plugin updated and to fix bugs/improve existing features. I won't add any new ones.
  6. AlexM850
    Version: 1.0.0
    It works flawlessly, good to see these minor additions and performance improvements within it. Thanks so much!
  7. xDoNutx97
    Version: 1.0.0
    Works like a charm in 1.8! Great job reviving such an amazing plugin! Everything is up to date and works perfect.