Lottery 1.3.2

The Perfect solution for gambling with Money

  1. TheNickSkater
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13


    • /Lottery buy (Number)
    • /Lottery status
    • /Lottery help
    • /Lottery admin
    • /Lottery draw
    • /Lottery addpot <Number>
    • /Lottery reload
    • /Lottery gui
    • /Lottery togglebuymsg
    • /Lottery toggleremindmsg

    • Lottery.Buy - Allows you to use /Lottery Buy
    • Lottery.Status - Allows you to use /Lottery Status
    • Lottery.Admin - Allows you to use /Lottery Admin
    • Lottery.Draw - Allows you to use /Lottery Draw
    • Lottery.Addpot - Allows you to use /Lottery Addpot
    • Lottery.Reload - Allows you to use /Lottery Reload
    • Lottery.TicketLimit.<Limit> - Players with this Permission will get the TicketLimit as set in the config
    • Lottery.TicketLimit.Bypass - Players with this Permission can buy unlimited Tickets
    • Lottery.Gui - Allows you to use /Lottery GUI
    • Lottery.cooldown.bypass - Allows you to bypass the buy cooldown
    • Lottery.togglebuymsg - Allows you to use /Lottery togglebuymsg
    • Lottery.toggleremindmsg - Allows you to use /Lottery toggleremindmsg

    Code (Text):
    #Time till the Lottery will draw
    DrawTime: 60
    #If enabled, you can set exact times per day for the draw
    UseTimeDraw: false
    #The Interval in which the plugin will check for the time and if it should call a draw for it
    TimeDrawCheckIntervalSeconds: 60
    #The times in the EUROPEAN 24Hour format!!!
    - 00:00:00
    - 06:00:00
    - '12:00:00'
    - '18:00:00'
    #If enabled, a message will be send to every player on the Server if someone buys a ticket
    GlobalBoughtMessage: true
    #The Price a Ticket costs
    TicketCost: 100.0
    #The amount of money that gets into the pot if a player buys a ticket
    MoneyToPot: 100.0
    #The amount of money that always will be in the pot
    ExtraInPot: 10.0
    #The Refund all players who bought tickets will get, if the Lottery fails to draw (Not enough Player.. not online ....)
    #Attention: The Refund will be multiplied by the amount of tickets the player bought
    Refund: 100.0
    #How much of the winprice (in percentage) should get taxed
    #Example: 10% Taxes and a WinPrice of 100 - The Winner will get 90 Money, and 10 Money are taxes
    TaxesPercent: 10
    #The Economy account where the taxes should get paid to
    ServerAccount: none
    #The minimal number of players that have to play the Lottery, otherwise it will fail and refund will be given
    MinPlayers: 2
    #Cooldown between every buy action in seconds
    BuyCooldownTimeSeconds: 60
    #If enabled, the lottery may not pick a winner (depending on the chance configired below), but will readd the pot to the next round.
    EnableChanceNoWin: false
    #If enabled, and the MinPlayers amount is not reached, the BackToPot feature will also be toggled (Only if above option is true)
    ChanceNoWinIfLessTicketsSold: false
    #In this case it's not just a percentage, but a "out-of" string. So 1/200 means 1 out of 200, so 0,5%.
    ChanceNoWinPercent: 1/200
    #Percentage of the pot that should be readded.
    NoWinBackToPotPercent: 50
    #If enabled every configured time a message will be send to every player online
    Reminder: true
    #The Interval in seconds for the reminder to fire
    RemindIntervalSeconds: 600
    #If enabled, the winner has to be online, otherwise it will fail and a refund will be given to all players who bought a ticket
    OnlyOnlineWin: false
    #If enabled, a player who is offline and won, will get a message on next login that and how much he won (Taxes supported)
    LoginWinMessage: false
    #How long to delay the above mentioned message. Set to 0 to disable
    LoginWinMessageDelayTicks: 10
    #If enabled and a Player just writes /Lottery in chat, the player will execute the command configured below
    PerformCommandOnLotteryCMD: false
    CommandOnLotteryCMD: lottery status
    #If enabled, the plugin will check for a new version on startup
    UpdateCheck: true
    #Wether or not to send data to bStats
    Metrics: true
    #Here you can set the TicketLimits. Default is for everyone who does not have a specific limit. Default can not be deleted! You can add other limits like Premium: 5 and so on. Players with the Permission Lottery.TicketLimit.<Limit> will then have the limit set here.
      Default: 3
    #The worlds where the winner wont get the win (Refund System will be used if the winner is in a blocked world)
    - testworld
    #If true, the commands configured below will be executed for the winner
      Enabled: true
    #If false, the commands wont be executed if the winner is offline
      ExecuteIfOffline: false
      - xp 10l %player%

    Code (Text):

    Prefix: '&8[&bLottery&8] '
    NoPermission: '&c&lYou dont have permission to do that!'
    Buy: '&a&lSuccessfully bought &6%tickets% &aLottery Tickets!'
    GlobalBuy: '&6&l%player% &abought &6%tickets% &aLottery Tickets!'
    NoMoney: '&c&lYou dont have enough money to buy &6&l%tickets% &c&lTickets. You need
      &6&l%money% &c&lMoney to buy &6&l%tickets% &c&lTickets.'
    TicketLimit: '&c&lYou cant buy more Tickets!'
    Cooldown: '&c&lYou are on cooldown! You can buy Tickets again in &6%time% &c&lSeconds'
    Win: '&a&lCongratulations to &6&l%player% &a&lfor winning &6&l%money% &a&lMoney in
    NoPlayers: '&c&lThere were no Tickets sold.'
    FewPlayers: '&c&lThere were not enough players for Lottery to draw!'
    NotOnline: '&c&lThe Winner %player% is not online and could not win.'
    LoginWinMessage: '&a&lCongratulations! You won &c&l%moneygot% (Without Taxes %moneynotax%)
      &a&lin the Lottery you last participated!'
    BlockedWorld: '&c&lThe Winner %player% is in a Blocked World and could not win.'
    BackToPot: '&6&lNobody won! &c&l%newpot% &6&lwas added back to the pot!'
    Reminder: '&a&lLottery will draw in &6&l%draw% &a&lMinutes! In Pot: &6&l%pot%'
    ToggleOFFBuyMessage: '&cYou wont receive any Buy messages from other Players anymore!'
    ToggleONBuyMessage: '&aYou will now again receive Buy messages from other Players!'
    ToggleOFFReminderMessage: '&cYou wont receive any Reminder messages anymore!'
    ToggleONReminderMessage: '&aYou will now again receive Reminder messages!'
    TimeTillDrawFormat: '&c%h%&8H &c%m%&8M &c%s%&8S'
    WaitingForDraw: '&cWaiting for current Draw..'
    - '       &b&lLottery'
    - ' '
    - '&aYour Tickets: &c%ptickets%'
    - ' '
    - '&aGlobal Tickets: &c%gtickets%'
    - ' '
    - '&aIn Pot: &c%pot%'
    - ' '
    - '&aDraw in: &c%draw%'
    - ' '
    - '&aLast Winner: &c%winner%'
      - §7===================================
      - §8[§bLottery§8]
      - §8[§bLottery§8] §e§l§o/Lottery buy (Number)
      - §8[§bLottery§8]
      - §8[§bLottery§8] §e§l§o/Lottery status
      - §8[§bLottery§8]
      - §8[§bLottery§8] §e§l§o/Lottery gui
      - §8[§bLottery§8]
      - §8[§bLottery§8] §e§l§o/Lottery toggleremindmsg
      - §8[§bLottery§8]
      - §8[§bLottery§8] §e§l§o/Lottery togglebuymsg
      - §8[§bLottery§8]
      - §7===================================
      - §7===================================
      - §8[§bLottery§8]
      - §8[§bLottery§8] §e§l§o/Lottery draw
      - §8[§bLottery§8]
      - §8[§bLottery§8] §e§l§o/Lottery reload
      - §8[§bLottery§8]
      - §8[§bLottery§8] §e§l§o/Lottery addpot <Number>
      - §8[§bLottery§8]
      - §7===================================


    Video by ServerMiner (bit outdated):


    Feel free to make one! If it's good, i will link it here :)

    Test Servers:

    • (Prison - Factions)


    • You are not allowed to decompile or modify the plugin in any way!
    • You are not allowed to post or publish the plugin
    • You are not allowed to distribute the plugin!
    • You are not allowed to sell the plugin anywhere!
    • If you do not understand something or have questions, please send me a PM (Private Message)

    10000..................... well. Okay..

    momoservertw: 5$

    If you find bugs please report them in the Discussions forum! Please do not report bugs in the Review section!

Recent Reviews

  1. x666
    Version: 1.3.2
    just perfect!! thanks man.......................................................
    Version: 1.3.2
    If no one will participate the lottery pot will reset.
    Please make it pot money will not reset
    And also add sign where players can see the last winner through sign
  3. Gustavo_Player
    Version: 1.3.1
    Happy Xmas! =D
  4. xJok3rGRx
    Version: 1.2.8
    Awesome Work.

    I have one suggestion. Why don't you add the range of numbers that will be drawn and be changeable in config? Ex. NumberDrawRange: 60
    In that 60 number range will be the winning number
    1. TheNickSkater
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review!

      I already tought about your feature request.. but it would create soooo many complications that it's almost impossible.
  5. lehuubi
    Version: 1.2.7
    plugin greate. tks for dev
  6. Cisnet
    Version: 1.2.5
    Good plugin thanks. Feature request would be a cooldown for when a lottery is completed like a delay for when the next lottery round begins.

    Feature below would be nice too.
    1. TheNickSkater
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review.

      Like you can see, the last update is already a bit longer ago. I have much stress in school and pretty much no free time, and if i dont spend it on coding. Updates will probably come in the next holidays i have.
  7. andyandyandyandy
    Version: 1.2.5
    This plugin is great!
    Can you add a new feature like there is many players buy tickets but maybe no one win, and the pot will accumulate to the next time?
    1. TheNickSkater
      Author's Response
      Yes I already thought about that and will probably add such a thing.

      And thank you for the review!
  8. Zypher2112
    Version: 1.2.5
    Hey! So for some reason my server have this problem here where the players can addpot as much as they want to and their balance do not get taken! Please help me i cna't find anyway to fix this! I ahv already installed all the plugins needed for this plugin to work but it still didn't work
    1. TheNickSkater
      Author's Response
      Hello Zypher!

      The Lottery Addpot command is an Admin command and is ment to be used from Amins ONLY.

      The Addpot Command will just add a number of money to the pot, it of course wont be taken from the Players money.

      If you are kind enough, please re-review this resource!

      Thank you!
  9. Glennjamin
    Version: 1.2.2
    Very nice lottery plugin. Players actively participate in the lottery and love it! Small feature suggestion: would it be possible to enable admin commands (draw, addpot, status, etc) access to the console? I can't manage the lottery from my console.
    1. TheNickSkater
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the review!

      I hope some other people also read this now:

      Lottery got much attention.. more then I tought (I mean.. almost 8k downloads), and I don't wan't it to "die" or smth like that. Problem, im in extreme stress right now and have some family problems to solve.

      Updates will come when I feel ready to do them again.
  10. Dcore18
    Version: 1.2.2
    There's really no logic, a lottery doesn't work that way. There should be the correct number, Whoever guessed would win
    1. TheNickSkater
      Author's Response
      Well, not how this lottery plugin is ment to work, sorry.