Lottery 1.0

A lottery plugin that using paper

  1. Eu_Yagami
    Features Lottery
    > Right Click The Paper
    > Small Config
    > Setup Your Permission
    > Add Lottery If You Want

    Going To Do
    > Video Tutorial ( English Version )
    > Some Picture
    > Random Amount

    How To Install?
    > You Need Some Plugin At Below In Your Plugins Folder
    > Download The Skript And Put Into The plugins/skript/scripts
    (Please remember to extract the .zip
    (ZH is Mandrin and EN is English)
    > Start Your Server... Done ;)

    Required Plugin
    > Skript
    > Essentials

    > /lottery help - Show All Command
    > /lottery about - About The Plugin
    > /lottery reload - Reload The Plugin
    > /lottery get - Get The Lottery (Default)

    If have any bug please command at below, I will fix them! :cool:

Recent Updates

  1. Transalted To Two Languege

Recent Reviews

  1. TeamAonn
    Version: 1.0
    No info on permissions.

    So yeah, not sure what to do with this either.... the /lottery get, just gives anyone 100 bucks.... not too useful, though I could combo it with another plugin, but I shouldn't have to combine it with even more to get use out of it.
    1. Eu_Yagami
      Author's Response
      Erm... you can change the value on the .sk file