LotteryPlus 1.0.9

Make your own capsule! Support PlaceholderAPI

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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    1. Lottery - Randomly select rewards and set rarity for them.
    You can make any lottery you want like "Player Head", "Pet Capsule", "Gun Capsule"...

    2. Lucky Block - Breaks the placed skull and execute lottery. Support skull textures.

    3. Placeholders - Support PlaceholderAPI and some special placeholder.
    - "%random_number%500%
    - %random_player%
    - %random_player_except%player1,player2%
    - %player_loc%
    - %player_loc_x_OffsetNumber%
    - More...

    4. Reward commands - More information: Custom Command
    Command types:
    - Print in console
    - Broadcast
    - Message
    - Console command
    - Player command
    - Op command
    - BungeeCord command
    - Log
    - Custom

    Code (Text):

      Enable: true
        Enable: true
        Chance: 0.5
          - "custom: awards, Normal award;console: give %player% IRON_INGOT 16;"
          - "custom: awards, Normal award;console: give %player% GOLD_INGOT 8"
          - "custom: awards, Normal award;console: money give %player% %random_number%500%"
        Enable: true
        Chance: 0.375
          - "custom: awards, Rare award;console: give %player% IRON_INGOT 32"
          - "custom: awards, Rare award;console: give %player% GOLD_INGOT 16"
          - "custom: awards, Rare award;console: money give %player% 1000"
        Enable: true
        Chance: 0.06
          - "custom: awards, Super Rare award;console: give %player% IRON_INGOT 64"
          - "custom: awards, Super Rare award;console: give %player% GOLD_INGOT 32"
          - "custom: awards, Super Rare award;console: money give %player% 3000"
        Enable: true
        Chance: 0.03
          - "custom: awards, Ultra Rare award;console: give %player% DIAMOND 1"
          - "custom: awards, Ultra Rare award;console: give %player% GOLD_INGOT 64"
          - "custom: awards, Ultra Rare award;console: money give %player% 10000"

    1. Download the jar file into your plugin folder.
    2. Start the server.
    3. Setting your configuration and enable the features you want.
    4. Restart the server.
    5. That's all, thanks. If you have any question, problem or feature request, you can tell me in the GitHub Issues.

    1. Vault
    2. PlaceHolderAPI
    3. ItemJoin (Creating one use ticket)

    Code (Text):

        slot: Arbitrary
        id: PLAYER_HEAD
        name: '&a&lRandom Head &f&lTicket'
        - '&fTo get a random player head.'
        - '&7Online player: 70%'
        - '&7Staff: 25%'
        - '&7Server owner: 5%'
          - 'message: &6&lUsed &c✤ '&a&lRandom Head &f&lTicket'
          - 'op: lotteryplus lottery head_random'
        commands-sound: ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP
        itemflags: hide-attributes, hide-durability, item-repairable, item-craftable, item-modifiable, placement, cancel-events, always-give, drop-full, disposable
        triggers: disabled
        permission-node: itemjoin.random_head

    4. BossShopPro (Creating lottery shop)

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    *This plugin is developed and published by me. It is strictly prohibited to claim to be my own work, respect intellectual property rights, if there is any infringement, legal action will be taken, and the latest code will not be released. The source code of this plug-in can be changed freely. Please use it in accordance with the "GNU General Public License v3.0". If you use all or part of the source code, please open source and give back to the community.


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