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LotteryPlus 1.0.3

A better lottery plugin

  1. Chaka
    Have you ever wanted a lottery plugin that does what it says. Well look no further. LotteryPlus is for you.


    /lottery enter <name> - Permission: lotteryplus.cmd.lottery.enter
    /lottery leave <name> - Permission: lotteryplus.cmd.lottery.leave
    /lottery list - Permission: lotteryplus.cmd.lottery.list
    /lottery help - No Permission
    /ladmin create <name> - Permission: lotteryplus.cmd.lotteryadmin.create
    /ladmin delete <name> - Permission: lotteryplus.cmd.lotteryadmin.delete
    /ladmin <close/draw> <name> - Permission: lotteryplus.cmd.lotteryadmin.close
    /ladmin add <player> <name> - Permission: lotteryplus.cmd.lotteryadmin.add
    /ladmin remove <player> <name> - Permission: lotteryplus.cmd.lotteryadmin.remove

    Group Nodes
    Code (Text):

      descripdion: Full access to the plugin.
      default: op
        lotteryplus.admin: true
        lotteryplus.player: true
      description: Access to admin commands.
      default: falsechildren:
        lotteryplus.cmd.lotteryadmin.delete: true
        lotteryplus.cmd.lotteryadmin.add: true
        lotteryplus.cmd.lotteryadmin.remove: true
        lotteryplus.cmd.lotteryadmin.close: true
      description: The basic player commands.
      default: truechildren:
        lotteryplus.cmd.lottery.enter: true
        lotteryplus.cmd.lottery.leave: true
        lotteryplus.cmd.lottery.list: true
    This plugin tracks metrics.

    Source Code, here

    There is a big list of planned features. They will all be in the issue tracker, here

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed a major bug.
  2. The LotteryAdmin Update