Lovey (Updated) Valentine Hearts of Love 1.0c

Love on Valentines day for everyone on your server

  1. Commands Revisison

    Improve command feedback messages.

    Integrate the custom 'command' name from the config file into command feedback messages.
  2. Additional command feedback messages

    When the plugin has been turned 'off' in game by an admin and a player sends the command 'toggle' to toggle the feature 'on' -

    "Please ask an admin to turn the Lovey feature on"

    When the 'admin off' or 'admin on' command is used and the mode is already set to that command -

    "Love was already turned on"
    "Love was already turned off"
  3. Fix command errors

    Revised online player recognition.
    Revised 'admin {on / off}' and 'admin reload' running confirmation.
  4. Fixed command toggle and stop errors

    Added code to confirm that the resource is running or not when using the '/lovey admin off' and '/lovey toggle' commands.